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  • 2016’s Best Central AC System

  • 2016’s Best Central Air Conditioner Systems

    Now that we know which are the most important things to look for when searching the best central air conditioner. As knowledgeable professionals in hvac service these are our top picks for 2016:

    Note: Every central air conditioner model listed below is Energy Star Qualified and uses chlorine-free refrigerant.

    1.      Dave Lennox Collection XC25

    Dave Lenox is considered the best central air conditioner brand. It has surpassed expectations and performance ratings, proving itself as the most reliable and efficient house cooling system of the year. It has the highest SEER we’ve encountered in an appliance of its kind: An impressive 25 seasonal energy efficiency ratio is bound to keep energy bills to a minimum. But the smartest feature of the Dave Lennox Collection XC25 is its compatibility with solar panels – which can further cut down energy costs. at

    The XC25 truly is a technological wonder we can have in our homes: This smartphone compatible, remotely programmable, and highly efficient air conditioner is far ahead its competitors. If this unit has a downside, that would be its size. The unit is somewhat large (47 x 35.5 x 39.5 inches) and might not look as elegant as others. However, its dark color can make it a bit harder to notice at first glance and less pretentious when cleaning it.