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Summertime means that your air conditioning unit is about to kick things into overdrive for the next few months. It may run almost nonstop through the brutal summer heat, just to try to make you more comfortable. In fact, summer electricity demand is 22 percent higher than it is for the winter. While you might be eternally grateful for this blast of cold air, your unit may not be able to combat the heat for long. Many homeowners find that they need repairs to their AC unit throughout the summer months.

There are several common repairs that your air conditioning unit might need this summer. Take a look at the top three repairs that technicians manage during these long summer days.

Cleaning the Coils

The evaporator coils are an essential part of your unit. They are responsible for extracting some of the heat and humidity from the air before making it cold again. If the coils are too dirty, they won’t be able to perform their job effectively. The end result is a frozen evaporator coil that can cause some serious damage to your unit. Once the coils thaw out, a qualified HVAC technician will need to clean them thoroughly to prevent more damage.

It’s important to realize that the internal parts of your air conditioning unit will need regular maintenance. Homeowners should not attempt to maintain these parts of their unit on their own. The professionals have the tools, equipment, and experience necessary to clean each piece without causing damage to the air conditioner as a whole. Cleaning the coils could very easily be a part of an annual maintenance plan to avoid making summertime repairs.

Motor Replacement

Every homeowner dreads the possibility that the motor in their unit might be ready for retirement. However, this is a fact of life for many families because the AC unit is just another appliance. You will know that it is the motor if your unit doesn’t turn on, cannot blow air, or may not be able to blow cool air. Alternatively, you might also hear loud sounds that indicate something is loose on the motor.

Change a Clogged Air Filter

Have you noticed that your air conditioner isn’t really blowing much air anymore? Despite the fact that it seems to be running constantly, your home may not feel any cooler than it did before. The air might not be able to circulate well enough if the filter hasn’t been changed in a while. It could be clogged with dirt, pet hair, and other debris. Fortunately, this repair doesn’t require much intensive work. All you need to do is swap it out for a new air filter.

When it comes to fixing your air conditioning unit, you are going to want a qualified team of air conditioning contractors to help you this summer. Keep these three common repairs in mind if you encounter any issues with your unit during the upcoming warm months. For an Air Conditioning repair in New Braunfels choose Classic Air Conditioning and Heating. 

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