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Air conditioning does not have the best reputation. You just have to Google something such as “health risks AC” to view a lot of scaremongering from a variety of sections of the press on the topic, much of it misinterpreted or unfounded. Though, as it stands, it is slightly understandable that your clients might be a bit hesitant about putting in a new air conditioning system.

Therefore, what is a reputable contractor to do? The best approach includes combatting negativity with positivity. If a prospective customer has heard a lot about how an AC system might be dangerous to them, your best approach includes coming back with the ways an air conditioner might be a positive influence. Below are some important points worth memorizing…

AC’s helps with asthma

Asthma is a respiratory condition that is very unpleasant to say the least: oftentimes uncomfortable, occasionally life-threatening, and unfortunately, it’s permanent. Asthma and similar respiratory condition sufferers may find their symptoms alleviated by a well-maintained AC system that consistently removes from the air the type of pollutants and contaminants which aggravate the condition, from dust mites to pollen.

Steady temperature is healthy

The majority of folks underestimate the pernicious effect that a too-cold, too-hot, or constantly fluctuating temperature may have on their health. Being too cold or warm can rapidly use up someone’s energy and leave them chronically fatigued and run down their immune system. An air conditioning system will maintain a steady pleasant room temperature that places the body on an even keel and will make someone better equipped to fight infection.

In addition, there are more severe conditions which may be helped by an excellent air conditioning system. The risk of heat exhaustion and heatstroke shoots up for the ones who are cooped up in warm buildings on warm days. An air conditioning system will take the edge off the warmest part of the day, and for vulnerable folks it may be a lifesaver.

Removing odors and fumes is a good thing

A bad odor is unpleasant enough on its own, yet it often is also a sign of a more serious or deeper issue – fumes, stale air, carelessly stored cleaning chemicals. All these things may have an effect on your health if they permeate the air and it’s permitted to become stagnant. An efficient air conditioning system will handle this as a matter of course.

Low or high humidity will affect health

Similar to temperature, relative air humidity is something which ought to be kept at a “Goldilocks” level – not too low, not too high. An environment that has a humidity that is too high will become a breeding ground for bacteria and additional possibly dangerous micro-organisms, whereas excessively low humidity causes dry air which aggravates dry skin conditions and also can dry out your sinuses. An air conditioning system will keep humidity consistent and inside the healthy range.

For more information on why air conditioning is good for your health contact Classic Air Conditioning, New Braunfels; our air conditioning technicians are fully licensed and insured.

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