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How do you know when it is officially time to retire your old air conditioning unit? For some homeowners, the answer is quite obvious as the machine comes to a sputtering stop. Others might know that their unit is becoming quite old but still desire to hold onto it for a few more years. The average lifespan for an air conditioning unit is just ten to twelve years. As your AC unit begins to near this benchmark birthday, you may want to start thinking about replacing your old air conditioning unit in favor of something better.

If you’re still not convinced that replacing your old air conditioning unit is the way to go, here are a few things you may want to consider.


  • A new unit will be more energy efficient.


Does the prospect of saving more money on your electric bill appeal to you? Newer appliances are significantly more energy efficient than those that were created just a decade ago. In fact, Energy Star estimates that a new central AC unit with their label on it can save you up to twenty percent on your cooling costs compared to a model that is at least ten years old. You might be spending money up front to cover the cost of your new unit, but you will be saving money at the end of each month indefinitely.


  • You can get exactly what you want.


When you make a decision in the middle of a crisis, you don’t always have time to research what you want to get. Replacing your air conditioner is a major decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. You can make the choice to replace it before it officially dies, giving you plenty of time to research new models and get exactly what you want. This even makes it possible for you to price shop for your new unit.


  • Scheduling can be more convenient.


You can choose the day and time that works best for the replacement of your air conditioning unit. This might mean that you can keep saving your vacation time for a family trip next summer instead of taking off to deal with repairs and the installation of your new unit. Making the decision to replace your AC unit on your own also means that you won’t have a lapse in service between the time your old unit dies and the time the new one arrives.


  • You will save more money.


It should come as no surprise that an old AC unit typically comes with more repair bills than a brand-new one. You can save more money by opting not to pay those repair bills and simply replace the unit initially. Being proactive about replacing your unit could save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Deciding to replace your air conditioning unit is a tough call for many homeowners. When you decide that you’re ready for HVAC services, be sure to give Classic Air Conditioning a call!

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