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When you’re in the dog days of summer, your comfort and sanity depend on your air conditioner working properly. If your air conditioner is suddenly working poorly, intermittently, or not at all, there are a few underlying problems that may be causing it to misbehave.Realistically, you should call in a professional rather than attempting to repair it yourself, but it might help to know what could possibly be going wrong inside your air conditioner.

Neglecting Upkeep
Like any other major appliance, your air conditioner not only requires regular cleaning, but also maintenance. Wiping down the grille and removing and cleaning the filter should be a part of your routine, especially over the hot summer months. You should also do a full sweep of your air conditioner before covering it and after uncovering it for the summer. It can also benefit from regular inspection and maintenance from a professional like our air conditioning repair technicians.

Faulty Thermostat
Your air conditioner needs a functioning thermostat to not only test the conditions inside your home, but to regular its resources to ensure its not under- or over-performing. If your thermostat is faulty, you may find your home is warmer than usual when it the air conditioner cycles off prematurely.Alternatively, your home might be far cooler than programmed and the air conditioner might not be recognizing this to cycle off. Simply purchase a new one and replace the faulty one.

Faulty Fuse or Flipped Breaker
These are fairly easy problems to fix that you can attempt by yourself, if you’re comfortable. Start by resetting the breaker. If that doesn’t solve the problem, purchase a new fuse and switch out the faulty one. If neither of those solutions solve the problem you may have tripped a high-pressure limit switch, in which case you should contact a professional to avoid further damage.

Damaged or Worn Internal Parts
Your compressor is the beating heart of your air conditioner. When other internal parts are damaged, dirty, or faulty, the compressor will fail due to the stress placed on the system. For this reason, it’s often misdiagnosed as the cause of failure, rather than a common symptom.It can also fail due to a leak, or electrical problems. If any of this is the case, you’ll need to call a repair technician to take a look, because it’s quite possible that the issue isn’t with your compressor at all.

Refrigerant Leak
If a damaged or faulty part has caused your refrigerant to leak, your air conditioner may not be operating properly as it relies on regulated levels in order to run. Refrigerant is harmful to the environment and not something you want to try your hand at DIY with. Any leak should be repaired and recharged by a licensed technician.

There are so many intricate parts to an air conditioner, just like any other major appliances. If you’ve tried cleaning and troubleshooting superficially, your best and safest bet is to call in a professional to take a look. Regular inspections when your air conditioner seems to be running smoothly can also catch problems early and prevent the need for future hassle, as well as save you quite a pretty penny.

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