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These simplistic natural remedies have been highly effective for the relief of allergies in our family. Different folks tend to benefit from various remedies depending upon specific genetic factors and what allergens you’re reacting to; therefore, it may be worth attempting more than one method to check which one works better for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is an age-old remedy which often is suggested for a number of health conditions. I personally have utilized it for relief of allergies (and relief of heartburn) with an excellent success rate. The theory is that its capability of reducing mucous production as well as cleanse the lymphatic system will make it helpful for allergies. It also is stated to assist in weight loss, digestion, and much more; therefore, it’s worth a try!

Wash Nostrils

Saline spray will work by preventing all offending allergens from entering the airways.


It’s a natural bioflavonoid that’s reported to assist in stabilizing mast cells to prevent them from releasing histamine. It’s also a potent antioxidant that’s stated to assist in reducing inflammation. It’s better used as a long-run remedy and many folks begin to take it around 4 to 6 weeks before allergy season to aid in preventing symptoms of allergies.

Nettle Leaf

This is one other natural antihistamine which may be highly effective as it’ll naturally block the body’s capability of producing histamine. Nettle Leaf grows in several areas and may be made in to a tea or tincture; however, for relief of allergies, capsules made from dried leaves are the most effective and easiest choice.


An allergy is the result of an immune system imbalance which causes your body to react overly strongly to stimuli. Research links the existence of beneficial bacteria inside your gut with decreased allergy incidence.

Proof is even emerging that a mom’s gut bacteria during nursing and pregnancy may impact a baby’s likelihood of getting allergies all throughout life, as may exposure to environments that are overly sterile.

While we cannot do much about our moms’ diets while pregnant, balancing gut bacteria now, as well as ingesting sufficient beneficial bacteria may have a positive effect upon allergies now.

Local Honey

There is not much scientific proof to back this claim; however, there tends to be a lot of anecdotal proof from those who’ve tried it. The theory is that ingesting local honey from where you reside will assist your body in adapting to the allergens within the environment there. It’s meant to work like an allergy “shot” and does not tend to have any disadvantages.

Anti-inflammatory Food Sources

Teas, foods, and spices that have well-known anti-inflammatory benefits might play a part in decreasing unpleasant symptoms of allergies. A 2016 Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry study discovered that ginger given by mouth to mice decreased congestion and sneezing as well as decreased mast cell response. Green tea actually shows likewise effects.

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