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Air balancing: it’s the process which involves changing your existing HVAC system in order to ensure that air is equally distributed all throughout your home. All zones are going to have the right quantity of heat transfer.

It is time to avoid those pesky cold and hot spots and uneven temperatures.  Here, we break it down into do-it-yourself, easy tips. A more difficult process might require some skill, then it would be time to call a professional.

Open or Close Your Register

During hot weather temperatures, open the registers upon your top floor and partly close registers upon your basement and/or first floor. During cool temperatures, reverse that process.

First, try the following process:

1: Set the thermostat to 76° to 78°.

2: Leave temperature alone for a minimum of 24 hours.

3: In spaces that are too cold, adjust your vents to permit less air flow.

4: Adjust in tiny increments to feel what works for your level of comfort.

5: Re-check the adjustments to feel if you attained the desired temperature.

6: Continue on until you attain your perfect temperature.

Try a 2° Offset

If you are in a 2-story house and have 2 thermostats, set your temperatures to have a two degree off-set.

Here is what I’m talking about…

Set your thermostat at a 2° difference for the floors. For instance, upstairs might be set at 74° and downstairs at 72-degrees. It’ll assist with uneven temperatures.

 Check All Filters for Cleanliness

There are a number of reasons to keep filters clean…

  • Improves air quality – cleaning all debris which builds up on the filters will help with the air flow.
  • Increases furnace’s efficiency – decrease air flow through your cooling and heating system may cause the heat exchange to overheat and close off too rapidly. Keep your filter clean and it’ll help in the efficiency of the furnace.
  • Extend your HVAC system’s life – would you believe the most typical reason an HVAC breaks down is because of a dirty filter? Dirty filters make the system work harder and cause it to overheat.
  • Helps keep utility expenses down – Heating your house utilizes more energy and costs more than any additional home system – usually making up around 42 percent of your energy bill. If the filter isn’t clogged the system is going to operate more efficient. That alone will assist in keeping your energy expenses down. As you consistently change the filter, it’s possible to save from 5% – 15% on bills.

Install Window Coverings in order to Prevent Heat

The windows are going to impact the level of comfort in every room. Windows that don’t have shades, blinds, drapes, etc. may heat up a room quicker before the thermostat has time to turn on, as well as add relief.

Window coverings will make a difference within the overall comfort and appeal level. Also, they help improve energy efficiency. Within cooling months, around 76 percent of sunlight which falls upon standard double-pane windows gets inside to become heat.

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