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Myths can be a lot of fun; I remember an era before snopes.com, when we might have really believed stories about 20 pound babies being born and mutant skinless fish being served. Nowadays, myths are a bit easier to look into and bust, but old tales still get the better of people now and again. The air conditioning business has its own myths; some of them can cause you to make the wrong decision, so we’re here to bust them.

Myth 1: The Bigger the Better

Imagine you’ve got a really big area conditioner, something that would cool a house three times your size. This air conditioner, it’s designed to cool something three times as big, so it pumps in enough refrigerant and circulates air out at the rate it would in a home three times your size. Your home will get cold very quickly, and that might make you think your air conditioner is working better, but it’s not; because your home gets cold, the air conditioner will shut off, meaning it won’t circulate the refrigerant and old air out. This can make your home much more humid, and trigger the start/stop of your air conditioning too often, which will accelerate wear and tear; it’ll also put a hefty sum into your energy bill.

Myth 2: Air Conditioning is Bad For the Environment

We busted this myth in another blog post, but it’s worth mentioning again; while air conditioning consumes energy and leakages can do harm to the ozone layer, air conditioners are better for the environment than heating is. No one would claim that heating is wrong and we should stop, or tell you to just layer up and leave your home cold. Air conditioning has helped millions in warmer climes stay healthy in unimaginable heat, and the power of human development is worth the environmental cost. We’re working on more energy efficient and green technologies every day in this industry, so don’t worry, things are getting better and better.

Myth 3: Air Conditioning Just Makes Air Colder

Cold air blows out of your air conditioner, so it stands to reason that it’s function is making cold air. The truth is, air conditioning was invented as a method of dehumidifying the air so that paper wouldn’t warp and stretch. A consequence of the dehumidification process, which uses refrigerants and fans to circulate air, is that the air becomes cooler.

Myth 4: It’s Okay to Repair My Air Conditioner Myself

You’re running a risk if you try to fix your own air conditioner. Did you know, for example, that it’s illegal to put refrigerants in your unit without fixing the leak first? You’re taking a risk when you fix your own system without the expertise; it can be hazardous to the environment, to the unit and to your health. Contact Classic for your air conditioning repair in New Braunfels tx.

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