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Generally, air conditioners have a lifespan expectancy of a decade or two. But since they vary in terms of their sizes, features, and models, their life expectancy also varies. For example, the frequency of use greatly affects how fast the air conditioner wears out. Like all other machines, choosing an AC with durable components contributes to the unit’s longevity. In addition, regular maintenance from our HVAC technicians also increases the lifespan of the unit. Even when the AC promises a long life, a badly maintained air conditioning system will wear out much faster regardless of its superior parts. These are some of the best maintenance practices to prolong your ACs life.

Changing the furnace filter regularly

With time, an ACs filter accumulates dirt which lags the functioning of all the other components in the system. Once dust and other airborne contaminants accumulate on the blower wheel and the evaporator coil, damage on the AC becomes inevitable. Routine air filter replacement  prevent your system from failing when you need it most. Maintenance aside, when purchasing a filter, always opt for one with a high Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV). Filter quality is rated on a MERV scale. Getting a filter with a good MERV rating (five to eight) will not make the AC system impervious, but it will prolong the ACs lifespan, reducing unnecessary repair and replacement costs.


In spite of maintaining a clean filter, coils are still bound to collect dirt and grime over the years of the system’s service.  As dirt insulates the coil, it interferes with the coils capacity to absorb heat resulting in malfunctions within the AC. You therefore need to clean the coils regularly, especially during the summer season when your AC runs the most. One way to minimize dirt from collecting on the coil is by cleaning the area around the system; ensure it’s free of dirt and debris. This also applies to outdoor ACs; clear any foliage within the system’s proximity.


Failing to lubricate moving parts of AC causes them to wear and tear really fast. While you can lubricate most of the unit’s parts, some sensitive parts such as the furnace blower require a professional touch. Lubricating prevents overheating the bearings and keeps the blower wheels spinning freely.

Condensational drain maintenance

Condensational unit drains moisture from the system. Check the unit regularly to remove debris, which might clog and block the moisture in. Clear any grass that might be growing around the area and clean the condensing coil with aerosol oil.

Thermostat and electrical parts maintenance

Regularly inspect the system’s wiring for worn and loose wiring connections. Frayed wiring and loose connections will easily cause electrical shorts and fires, besides causing malfunctions on your unit. On this note, it’s important to note that frayed wiring can also be a sign that some rodents have been nesting in your house and gnawing on the wires. So, as you contact your technician for new wiring, you also need to deal with the rodent’s problem to prevent further damage on your wiring. As you inspect the wiring, also inspect the thermostat. To test if it’s functioning properly, adjust the thermostat to see if your conditioner responds accordingly. In case of any doubts, contact our air conditioning repair technicians. Ultimately, early efforts to inspect and maintain your air conditioner will go a long way in lengthening its life.

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