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Technology and innovation. That’s how we can describe our era today. Every brilliant mind tends to find something really amazing that will either blow your mind our raise your brows out of curiosity. We never find something so satisfying that we keep on editing, improving and changing all the things that surround us.

I just recently found out that my trusty refrigerator is already outdated because just like the air conditioner, it already has an inverter model that can save at least 50% of energy that it consumes.

As we talk about our cooling system, if you think that you are already experiencing the best out of your cooling and heating machines, then think twice. Ever heard of Air Source Heat Pumps? If not, I will frankly tell you that you should start to loop yourself in with the latest inventions one can imagine.

Heat pump is starting to climb its way to fame because of being the best energy saving heater this millennium can offer. How does it work though? I am no expert but in general, it converts the heat from outside and brings it inside. It literally absorbs the heat from the environment and just simply bring it in. Once the heat is absorbed, a pump will use electricity to release the energy on a higher temperature which will then pass on to the radiators and underfloor heating system and water cylinders (which heats up showers and faucets).

So what’s the fuzz all about? What if it’s freezing outside and you need to warm your place? One amazing thing about this latest invention is that it can extract heat even the temperature is at -15 C.

If you are starting to be awed, you just heard a few. Air Source Heat Pump uses much lesser electricity compared to the conventional heater, hence, saving you from bill shocks especially during those cold winter nights and you don’t have a choice but to turn the heater on just to survive the freezing air. They convert the natural energy provided by nature, hence, we are confident that there is no forced or artificial process that happened during the cycle.

Heat pumps will not only serve as a heater though. It can also bring cold breeze during humid summer days by just reversing the whole process. If you are planning to install air source heat pumps since it’s beneficial year-round, get ready to spend $3000 to $5000 depending on the size of your space.

The great news is that it can last for 20 years as long as it’s properly maintained and checked from time to time. Pumps are most effective when temperatures are down to 25 to 30 F while coils can freeze if it’s lower than 20 F. Though just like refrigerators, you just need to defrost it full function again.

If you are tired of cutting logs for your fireplace and find it too costly to depend on your air conditioner, heat pumps might be a thing for you. Proper research and correct installation could not only save you money but also provide you a more convenient way of living. Give Classic Air Conditioning and Heating a call and talk to one of our highly qualified AC repair technicians.

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