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Are you already aware of the risks that poor indoor air quality can pose to your health? Breathing in air that is contaminated with pollutants can lead to headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and respiratory ailments. Many homeowners are now wondering if they could solve some of these troubles with an air purifier. Some people can greatly benefit from installing one of these appliances in their home while others may not see the full effect of filtering pollutants from the air.

Purchasing an air purifier could be a great decision for your household, but you have to know whether it’s going to help. You can use this guide to help you determine if an air purifier is really necessary.

What pollutants do you have?

The first step to determining whether an air purifier is really necessary is to decide what types of pollutants you need to filter out. Your new purifier might not be effective if you need to filter out mold instead of dust and pet dander, for example. Be sure to consider which contaminants might be in your air before you start researching specific units. Then, you can make better sense of which air purifier might be right for your home.

Could your problem be stopped at the source?

While an air purifier could be a worthwhile investment, you should really consider whether you could eliminate these pollutants on your own. Air contaminants such as smoke might be better stopped at the source instead of relying on an air purifier to rid your home of the byproducts. This is a much more effective method that could yield better outcomes.

Is your air stale or stuffy?

If the air in your home consistently smells terrible or stuffy, you might need an air purifier. This can help to eliminate those pesky odors that linger and freshen up your space significantly. Keep in mind that chemical odors that might be coming from products with VOCs may not be solved with an air purifier. Only particular models are equipped to handle the strong scents associated with these dangerous chemicals. An air purifier should be considered a must-have item if you have lots of VOCs in your home.

Do you get sick often?

Indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air. Because we spend the majority of our time inside, this means that many people may experience more sickness as a result. If you find yourself getting sick on a regular basis, an air purifier might help to relieve some of your symptoms. It can remove harmful particles from the air and remove allergens that cause viruses and other illnesses.

Not everyone can benefit from an air purifier, but most households will see a significant difference. If you’re ready to find out what it could do for your home, be sure to contact one of the highest quality AC companies around to help you choose the right model. Classic Air Conditioning and Heating is ready to help you get healthier this season!

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