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  • When the bathroom develops a musty smell and mold spots after a couple month’s use, the long rejuvenating hot shower starts losing its appeal.  Ideally, the warm moist air that is left after you take a hot shower should be replaced by fresh air, but only if there’s proper ventilation. If your bathroom smells like wet socks or rotten wood, chances are that the bathroom exhaust fans are not functioning as they should.  You will want to consider calling New Braunfels air conditioning technicians for an inspection. Otherwise, if you ignore the problem, you’ll start to notice some slimy black spots forming on the walls, ceiling, and curtains of the bathroom.

    Bathroom exhaust fans provide odor control by drawing out the unpleasant musky smell left behind in poorly ventilated bathrooms. The exhaust fan replaces odor by fanning in fresh air from your home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. In the process, the bathroom exhaust fan also dehumidifies your bathroom. Excess humidity will cause mold growth whose spores can cause asthma and other respiratory conditions. Humidity will also cause the bathroom paint to peel off.  In extreme cases, excess humidity can cause warp the bathroom door.

    Before choosing a suitable bathroom exhaust fan, consider the size of your bathroom as it determines the rate of air movement, which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). If you are not sure of how to go about it, consult a reputable HVAC contractor for guidance. A contractor will make an in-house assessment, and thereafter determine the ideal exhaust fan for your bathroom.

    In order to function properly, the bathroom exhaust fan needs to vent outside. A HVAC contractor can determine the best outlet, which may be the central vent of your HVAC system or an independent exhaust connected to the nearest window. Additionally, the contractor will determine whether to mount the bathroom exhaust fan with attic access or without. They do this to ensure proper insulation as well as ease of maintenance and installation.

    When choosing the actual exhaust, you have to consider the noise level, rated in sones. The general rule is; the lower the noise rating, the quieter the fan. Bathroom exhaust fans also come with different features that provide you with added benefits. For instance, exhaust fans with humidity sensors automatically turn on when they sense a certain level of humidity in the bathroom. There also exist those which have a timer for automatic activation as set. If you prefer these, you could set the timer to turn on and have the exhaust fan running after most of your household members have showered.

    The market also offers sophisticated models with Bluetooth compatibility and speakers which allow you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or home media player. Innovators are also testing bathroom exhaust fans with voice activation features connected to your smart home hub such as the Amazon echo or Google Home hub. Extra features, however, mean higher prices.

    As you shop for your bathroom exhaust fan, ensure you choose one with Home Ventilation Institute (HVI) certification, as they have been tested and certified to offer commercial industry standards. Also, so that your exhaust fan serves you longer and more efficiently, schedule regular maintenance with your HVAC contractor.