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In most instances, a noisy air conditioner is usually an indication of a failing AC unit that needs servicing from New Braunfels air conditioning technicians. However, a perfectly fine air conditioner can produce obnoxious noises, even when it’s not that old; particularly if it’s an old model. To cool the air and circulate it around the house, air conditioners employ multiple components, so no wonder the noise they produce. Older models are generally noisier; the outdoor unit will buzz as the indoor fans hum. If yours is the noisy type, you have two options; you could either upgrade to a newer model that feature noise reduction technologies, or implement some noise reduction pro-tips in this article.

Noise reduction in newer models

When in operation, the AC compressor makes the most noise. To reduce this noise, manufacturers apply insulation technology around the compressor to muzzle its noise.  Newer AC models have a dual-stage compressor that operates at an output of 67 percent and this dramatically reduces the noise. You may hear some slight squealing noises coming from the compressor, but that’s perfectly normal. But if the new model makes hissing or screaming sounds, something is terribly wrong and you need to turn the system off and call a technician.

Newer models also feature precision-balanced, direct-drive fans that are made of lightweight composites.  Fans in older models can generate a lot of noise; the lightweight composites are definitely quieter than the metal clunker found in older models. New models also feature venting technologies to muffle the sound of air as it exits the system, replacing the roar with a whisper. Newer AC models that feature noise reduction technology have noise levels 13 times quieter than the older models. So, if you want a system that gives you and your neighbors some quiet, how about you upgrade to a system that features noise-reduction technologies.

If you’re not ready for an upgrade

If you must hang on to your older air conditioner bit longer, wrapping a compressor blanket around the noisy single-stage compressor will reduce noise by up to 65 percent. Compressor soundproof blankets feature multiple layers for sound insulation purposes.  As sound waves pass through the outer layer of the acoustically transparent layer and into the denser inner layers of the blanket, the sound is absorbed and deafened. So, instead of redirecting the noise into the atmosphere it’s absorbed and dulled. Compressor blankets are easy to install and the good thing is they still allow easy access to the appliance when the need for servicing and maintenance arises.

You could also install a wooden, eight-foot fence around the AC. The slats or the ac should overlap to close up any gaps. The unit will still produce noise but enclosing it in a fence will divert the noise upwards and dull it.


Although older AC models produce more noise than newer ones, you need to be on the lookout for unusual sounds. The most confusing thing about air conditioners is they naturally produce noise so your ears need to able to catch the noises that indicate impending problems.Early diagnostic from regular inspections from a professional will save you from unpleasant surprises where our AC just stops without warning. Even when your air conditioner is on its last legs, it’s only good you be on the know so you can set aside a replacement budget.

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