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Do You Need HVAC Maintenance If There Are No Problems?

Some customers really can’t fathom how annual maintenance and service on their HVAC systems can be helpful if they don’t have any problems. Like an untrustworthy mechanic, they fret that an annual maintenance plan is only there to manufacture false issues. These issues, in turn, lead to a massive repair bill that only benefits the HVAC company. The homeowner sees little to no difference in the comfort level of their home, even with an average repair bill of $336.

Unfortunately, a few companies may have a reputation for performing their work like this. They gave the entire industry a bad reputation that now prevents homeowners from getting the help they really need with their HVAC system. Even if no problems are obviously brewing, you should still take the time and the investment to have your units maintained by a professional.

Why would your HVAC system need maintenance if it doesn’t have any problems? Take a look at some of the many ways you may benefit from signing up for an annual maintenance plan at Classic Air Conditioning and Heating.

Receive a comprehensive report on the state of your system

Not many homeowners have the knowledge and know-how to examine their units on their own. While they may be able to identify when a repair is definitely needed, an experienced HVAC technician may be able to spot a problem before it ever happens. This comprehensive report can give you a list of potential problems within your unit that may need to be addressed in the near future.

By taking advantage of this report, you could prevent a lapse in service and avoid an expensive emergency repair call. This also allows you to spend some time budgeting and saving for the repair work or replacement costs, if necessary.

You have peace of mind

Do you ever worry that something is going to go wrong with your home at the worst possible time? It may be inconvenient for you financially, emotionally, or in any other aspect of your life. There’s never a convenient time to shell out for a pricey repair or to go without air conditioning in the middle of the summer heat wave. You can use your annual inspection to give yourself peace of mind that everything is running as it should.

Lower your monthly heating and cooling costs

Is your electric or gas bill raging out of control at the end of the month? Heating and cooling your home is easily one of the largest expenses facing homeowners these days. A clogged system, a dirty air filter, or a broken piece could mean that your unit isn’t working up to its potential. A maintenance plan may be able to remedy some of these issues and improve your energy efficiency accordingly.

Improve your indoor air quality

Does the air inside your home have a bad or musty odor to it? This smell may not be the result of the cabbage you cooked last week. Instead, it could be an indicator that there is a problem lurking within your HVAC system. An annual maintenance plan gives us the time and space we need to look inside your drain lines, ductwork, and air returns to see if we can spot the problem.

This may help to reduce the number of allergens in your home or spot an area that is susceptible to mold growth. Removing both of these issues can help to improve your indoor air quality and reduce symptoms associated with allergies. What you thought was a lingering cold could be cured with an annual maintenance inspection instead of another dose of over-the-counter cold medicine.

Keep service records in place to maintain warranties

If you have a relatively new air conditioning unit or furnace, it’s possible that there is still a manufacturer’s warranty covering some aspects of its functioning. In order to keep this warranty intact, you probably have to comply with a few standards. When you have an annual maintenance plan, all of your service records are in one convenient location. The company can help you to keep better track of the requirements for you to maintain your warranty throughout the years.

We can make a better recommendation for replacing your unit

Seeing all your service records in one place also allows us to make a better recommendation when it comes time to inevitably replace your air conditioning unit. We can take a look at the number and price of your most recent repairs to determine if your machine is working past the age where it should be retired. We know purchasing a new unit is a costly investment, so seeing your service records allows us to make an informed recommendation about what comes next for your home.

Purchasing a new HVAC system will be a hefty financial investment. Because you will have worked with our technicians long-term, you can rest assured that we perform quality work. Our technicians will also be familiar with your home and its needs so we can suggest the perfect size, model, and manufacturer for your new HVAC machine.

Customers with maintenance plans get priority service

In the middle of the summer, we see a ton of calls for air conditioning units that aren’t functioning the way they should. It can be overwhelming to create a reasonable schedule for our technicians, and we never hire subcontractors to help complete the work for us. Customers who sign up for our annual maintenance plan receive priority scheduling over those who do not. This means that many of our maintenance plan customers can receive service the very same day.

As an added bonus, you also receive a discount on any repairs that are required after your unit has been serviced.

Have you ever considered how often your air conditioning unit runs each year? In many parts of the country, they may see 500 hours or more throughout a single year. Unfortunately, we don’t stop to consider that these machines may need just as much maintenance as our cars do on a regular basis.

Let Classic Air Conditioning and Heating take care of your home’s needs this season. Sign up for an annual maintenance plan that can put you on the path to success for years to come.

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