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Does the Size of Air Conditioners Matter?

Is bigger always better when it comes to purchasing new appliances like an air conditioner? Buying a new air conditioner requires a lot of research on the various brands, models, and sizes available. You can easily find yourself overwhelmed by all of the potential options, wondering whether the size of your unit even matters to the overall comfort level of your home. The truth is that size does matter when you purchase a unit for your HVAC system, but the biggest version isn’t always the right option.
Before you make a purchase, you should know what factors go into the necessary size of your air conditioner. Find out how your HVAC technician can help you determine the proper air conditioner size using this handy guide.

What factors does my HVAC technician consider?

A qualified technician knows that energy-efficiency is going to be the key to selecting a unit that you will be happy with long-term. This means that you can lower your monthly utility bills because the unit is maximizing its output based on the amount of energy it receives. In order for a unit to run efficiently, it has to be appropriately sized for the house’s needs. Some of the factors that are considered before deciding on the unit size include:

  • The square footage and volume of your home
  • The overall efficiency of your house or age of the home
  • The amount of sunshine that your home receives during the day
  • The number of people living in the house
  • The number of windows you have

All of these items dictate how much space the unit needs to cool down and how much outdoor air is let into the home. This can help the technician figure out just how much power the unit needs in order to compete with the warmer outdoor air.

Why shouldn’t I purchase the biggest unit?

An oversized air conditioning unit will definitely pump enough cold air into your home, but it won’t effectively cool down the house. A properly sized AC unit will be able to cool down your walls and furniture, allowing the chill to last longer. In comparison, the oversized version will turn on and quickly turn off when the air reaches the set temperature. The heat will quickly return from the walls and furniture, causing the unit to turn on once again. This cycle will continue, causing extreme wear and tear on your unit and discomfort throughout the home.

What about energy efficiency?

Beyond just size, you need to look at energy efficiency to ensure that your unit will be a great fit for your monthly budget. The SEER rating gives you an indicator of how well each model will make use of the electricity you feed to it. Look for a mid-range score (15 or higher) that still gives you an affordable unit.
When you’re ready to figure out what AC unit to purchase, call our trained air conditioning technicians to help. At Classic Air Conditioning and Heating, we have the expertise and the experience to help you find the perfect unit.

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