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Although we might enjoy late, warm summer days, the majority of us do not want that warmth creeping inside our air-conditioned work space or living space. Are you worried because your place isn’t cooling off like it ought to? Maybe you have noticed hot air or lower than usual airflow coming out of the system’s registers or you have heard a hissing noise. Perhaps you have seen water on the ground by the HVAC unit or viewed ice forming on the evaporator coils. Those all are telltale signs of an air conditioner refrigerant leak.

Here is a vital thing you should know about refrigerant and your air conditioner: a reduction of refrigerant isn’t a regular part of the running of your system and probably is a sign of an air conditioner refrigerant leak. A correctly operating system circulates, as well as maintains the same quantity of refrigerant, it isn’t like oil in your vehicle which has to be replenished over a period of time.

Let us take a look into the symptoms of an air conditioner refrigerant leak and the likely causes of the HVAC refrigerant leak that’s costing you in terms of dollars and comfort because of greater utility bills. Here, we list five indications of an air conditioner refrigerant leak:

Loss of Cooling Power

Refrigerant will play a very important part in the process of cooling. It is the refrigerant’s duty to absorb the warmth from your house and release it outdoors. If the refrigerant levels are depleted, it’ll take longer to cool your business or home, which oftentimes results in a trip to the thermostat for a downward temperature modification.

Registers Not Blowing Cold Air

One portion of your fast assessment for an air conditioner refrigerant leak includes checking the air coming from the vents. If the air isn’t as cool as it ought to be, it might mean a refrigerant leak.

Hissing Noises Coming from the Inside Unit

An air conditioning refrigerant leak is caused by cracks or holes in the coils which circulate the refrigerant. Although hissing might be an indication of various issues, a refrigerant leak is among them.

Coils Are Frozen

As the levels of refrigerant that circulate through the evaporator coils isn’t sufficient, the coils won’t adequately absorb warmth. It’ll cause the condensation on the coils to freeze. Occasionally the frozen condensation will start melting and dripping on the ground. Although ice on the evaporator coil may not seem alarming, it might lead to a system breakdown and might translate into a costly repair like a compressor replacement.

Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak Equals Increased Utility Bills

If the air conditioner refrigerant leak is negatively affecting your level of comfort and causing you to dial down your thermostat hoping to get colder air, you’ll be using more electricity. Assess your energy bill for inconsistent levels of usage particularly as compared with the same timeframe last year.

For more information on AC refrigerant leaks contact Classic Air Conditioning, New Braunfels today.  Our HVAC repair technicians are fully licensed and insured.



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