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Fall is here! It is time to shut off your air conditioning unit for the time being and change over to your furnace. During this time of year, most folks are contacting HVAC pros to come and give their heating system a yearly cleaning and tune-up, and that is fantastic. However, what most do not consider is that the fall is additionally the perfect time to service your AC. Here is a look at a few of the advantages of calling for cooling system service within the early fall months.


Better Deals


Prices rise in the spring, as servicing AC is in great demand. As October gets here and everyone wants to have the furnace serviced, some techs might provide deals upon cooling system service. And not to mention, there might be deals provided for servicing both your AC and furnace together, all at the same time.


You Might Still Need It


The truth is weather patterns change with the climate. Wintertime tends to be coming later, and temperatures wildly swing through October. You actually might still require that AC system into the early autumn. Why not ensure that it is in top condition, so it continuously cools your home? Even into the month of November, it’s possible to experience hot days; do not assume that only because the calendar states “fall,” that you are in for cool weather so soon.


It’s When It is Needed


You have heavily used your air conditioning unit all summer. It has been continuously running, pumping cold air inside your house. It is overworked, and just like someone who has been working diligently, it grows tired and worn out. During the end of the season is the point to service the system because now is the time it needs to be serviced.


So You Do Not Forget


The switchover months are when the HVAC system is on your mind. You are changing the filter of your furnace, getting everything prepared for that switch. If you wait ‘til the following year to service the system, it may slip your mind. Why take any chances? Contact Classic Air Conditioning, New Braunfels for servicing right away and you may be assured that everything is going to stay in good working condition as you need it.


Getting Ready for Next Year


Getting your AC system serviced today means that as next year comes around, you’re already ready for the heat! It’ll add a little peace of mind and relieve a bit of the stress of getting ready for the hot season. It’s possible to put more emphasis on getting the backyard prepared for cookouts next summer as you do not need to think too much about getting the AC properly up and running.


Save a little money, keep it operating correctly and get set up for the following year, all while the changeover is still on your mind.


For an air conditioning repair in New Braunfels contact Classic Air Conditioning, today!


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