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Dust and dirt are the most common elements which adversely affect your home heating furnace. They can cause a reduction in the energy-efficiency of your heating system, wasting its fuel along the way. In certain cases, dust and dirt can even result in overheating your furnace.

Basically, these particles harm the three basic components of a heating furnace, namely, the filter system, the motor, and the blower. Therefore, constantly maintaining their cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of your furnace.

The Better Option Than DIY Furnace Maintenance

There are a couple of basic maintenance habits which you can perform to keep your heating system in good shape and condition. However, there are more ways in which HVAC services can help you with the maintenance of your furnace. Maintenance such as the replacement of spare parts or tune-up.

There are some parts of heating furnaces’ regular maintenance routine which should better be left with the expertise of HVAC service technicians and contractors.

When You Should Hire a Professional and Licensed HVAC Service

You should hire professional and licensed HVAC service technicians because cleaning and tune-up of a heating furnace is a more complex task than it seems.

Heating furnaces of today are integrated with more advanced technology. Thus, they will require more accurate procedures to guarantee top performance and so that they can function and serve their expected lifespan or even go beyond it.

Presented here are some of what HVAC service contractors can do for the upkeep of your furnace.

Check the Igniter Through an Ohmmeter

Before anything else, it is very important to note that the igniter is checked and tested when it is cold and while the furnace is not in use.

It is the resistance of the heat conductor that is measured with the igniter using the unit of ohm. The reading of the measure of ignition should not exceed the standard measurements. Otherwise, the igniter must be replaced.

Your HVAC service contractors will be the best persons to know and advise this.

Pull and Clean the Burners

Burners should be inspected to ensure that they are not blocked with any forms of debris which can obstruct the gas flow or airflow.

Your HVAC service technicians will brush off any lightly stuck rust and accumulated soot from the burner. However, if the burner is too rusted a replacement will be in order.

For the air passageway of the burners, air pressure or dry nitrogen can be used to put it out.

Aside from contamination with debris, misalignment is also a common issue with burners. This should be expertly repaired by your hired contractors.

Perform a Combustion Analysis

Smooth combustion of the heater should be ensured for purposes of safety and efficiency. Given this, a more modern heating furnace will always need a combustion analysis during tune-up and inspection.

Combustion analysis is designed to determine if the carbon dioxide level and the oxygen level produced by the ignition and burning are within adequate and safe parameters.

Check for Any Leaks or Any Developing Cracks

Leaks due to cracks and holes can result in a major breakdown or malfunction of the heating furnace. Your HVAC specialists from Classic Air Conditioning and Heating will use up-to-date electronic detectors in order to find if any are present.

It is very important that necessary repairs or replacements should immediately be performed to avoid damaging the heating unit and of course, for the general safety of your household.

If you are not certain exactly what to do with your heating unit should it show signs of inefficiency or poor functioning, be sure to call and consult with a professional HVAC specialist instead of trying to fix the heating furnace on your own.

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