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When the weather is icy and chilly, you don’t want to feel those palms and toes subzero freezing. So it is time to turn to and ignite that good old furnace to envelop your home in much needed warmth.

These days, it is the high efficiency furnaces that are a fad and are definitely making noise when it comes to performance.

How Do High Efficiency Furnaces Fare and Compare with Your Standard Furnaces?

Average furnaces are composed of five elements. They is the combustion chamber, burners, heat exchanger, blower, and flue. Just the same, high efficiency furnaces include all these components but also provide more. Let’s go into more detail.

To start off, high efficiency furnaces have added another combustion chamber. The purpose is to gather any excess gas fume that would normally come out of the vent. This additional feature of the high efficiency furnaces is responsible for condensing the supposed extra gas fume into liquid. Burners then work to repeat the process of generating more heat.

In addition, they have a second set of heat exchanger coils. These other sets of tubes absorb the pressure from the first heat exchanger. This assures that both run evenly using less energy while still producing more heat.

Basically, high efficiency furnaces are more powerful in that they give out to more heat while using less fuel.

How Old Is Your Furnace? Does It Matter?

Although in certain instances, no matter how you care for your appliances, they can still act up. This costs you a considerable amount of money for repairs, or worse, a full replacement.

In the case of furnaces, on the average, they generally live for 16 to 20 years. Their efficiency during this period of time depends on the effort and time you invest in their necessary maintenance procedures. After this point, you may want to think about getting a new one for your own good. Considering this is beneficial for household safety and health, saving yourself from excessive power bills and from frequent excessive repairs.

Watch out for the following signs that your furnace is no longer properly operating. You may find yourself continuously adjusting and readjusting the thermostat because the equipment is emitting uneven temperatures. Another red flag is the yellow burner flame. This happens when the flame is almost entirely yellow. This results in the production of harmful carbon monoxide which in turn damages the exhaust pipes and their connections, among other dangerous consequences. Furnaces that function well have a blue flame.

Don’t Forget When It Come to Your Furnace

Now you are ready to shop for a high efficiency furnace. You opt to do so because you deserve convenience and comfort. You will be able to avoid regular calls to service technicians for repairs.

Feel at ease knowing you will not deal with a sharp rise in electricity bills or constant fluctuations.

You will also be able to relax knowing your home is safe and not susceptible to fire. After all, now you have a reliable high efficiency furnace that is set according to the highest standards. Make sure that it is expertly installed by qualified and professional heating and cooling contractors at Classic Air Conditioning & Heat. Contact us today for a consultation and estimate.

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