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How do you use your home air conditioner? Are you careful with your things or are you just one of the many homeowners who are negligent of their belongings?

The most common problem faced by homeowners with their air conditioner is an improper use of the appliance. Other problems that belong to the improper use are, negligent to the maintenance of the air conditioner. Consequently, various problems will exist even if you only used it for a very short time.

Home air conditioners are very important especially on a very hot day. It would be very inconvenient living under the roof with a temperature of 50 degrees celsius. Imagine your day, living in a toaster.
Calling your technician will save the day. But, how do you identify a faulty air conditioner? Here’s the list of small air conditioning problems, that if left unattended would end up in the junkyard.

There’s no air, coming out from the registers. If ever you will encounter a problem like this, you only have two reasons for that. It’s either, your breaker is tripped and needs a reset, or the blower belt needs a replacement.

The Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling, and You’re Wondering, Why?

An air conditioner that doesn’t give the cool air is the result of low-maintenance. You should always clean the filter of your air conditioner, check the condensate drain if it’s not blocked or check the refrigerant level if it’s not low. Another good point not to miss is to check your compressor, if it’s dirty then that’s the reason for it.

You’re Hearing a Weird Noise Coming from the Air Conditioner

The strange sound you hear from the machine may no longer be normal. Sometimes these sounds indicate a big problem, and, you need to listen carefully because it will tell you what causes the problem.

The grinding sound indicates that the motor’s bearings are not in its proper place, or the shrieking sound may be caused by a loosened belt.

You Can See the Coils Are Frozen

This is the problem if the machine never stops working while your house stays hot. You need to check out the filters, the ductwork, the refrigerant level, and the blower fan. If you notice something is blocking, or if the parts are dirty, then it is time to clean the entire air conditioner.

Again, Call a Professional Hvac Technician to Repair Your Damaged Air Conditioner

Maintaining the performance of the air conditioner depends on your knowledge of the machine. If you are aware of its do’s and don’ts in using it then you can prolong the lifespan of the air conditioner.

But, of course, circumstances never tells you when it would come, and this time you should know who to call for help.

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