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Are you trying to figure out why your electric bill is soaring each month? If nothing has changed about the way you go through your daily routine, the culprit could be your air conditioning unit. Maintaining and cleaning your air conditioner is essential to keeping your electric bill in line each month. A few dirty parts can contribute to a higher bill as your unit works harder and struggles to keep up with the demand for cooler air. It ends up being a costly experience for you and causing more wear and tear to the air conditioner.

A cleaner air conditioner can really help lower your monthly bills, but how does it work? Take a look at the ways that a simple cleaning can affect these key parts of your unit.

Changing the Air Filter

The air filter is responsible for removing excess dust and debris from the air in order to protect your air conditioner. Over time, it can easily become clogged with all of the particles that it removed from the air. While this may not seem like a huge deal, the clog restricts the amount of air flow that can pass into your home or out of it. It is estimated that simply changing the air filter can help you to save anywhere from five to fifteen percent on your electric bill.

Cleaning the Evaporator Coils

When the air filter is dirty, it may begin to pass that dirt and debris to other parts of your system. The evaporator coil is one of the first parts that will begin to suffer when there is too much debris in the unit. This part is responsible for transforming the heat in your home’s air into liquid form so that it can be released. However, it will have a very difficult doing that when it is cluttered with dirt because the airflow is decreased and the coil itself becomes insulated. The unit must work harder for longer periods of time when this happens, increasing your overall cost.

Fixing Clogged Condensate Drains

You may find that you need to fix a clogged drain line if you want your home to feel cooler. The condensate drain line is responsible for releasing the moisture created by the evaporator coils back into the outside world. Unfortunately, when this simple part is blocked with dirt and debris, the moisture can start to back up into your home. This causes the humidity levels to rise which makes most people feel hot and sticky. You may decide to turn the thermostat down in response, causing your air conditioner to work even harder.

Taking good care of your air conditioning unit can really pay off when it comes to your electric bill. A clean unit runs much more efficiently and has less wear and tear over time. Next time you decide that it’s time to give your AC a thorough once-over, be sure to call a professional AC repair company. Classic Air Conditioning and Heating has the experience and expertise you need, so give us a call today!

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