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This post will cover the various thermostats available in the marketplace:

Manual – A thermostat for your house may be a simplistic manual unit. You’ll manually move its needle down or up to how cold or hot you want your house to be. They’re economical with simplistic controls yet limited as it’ll come to energy savers. Better for the ones at home who enjoy fixed temperatures.

Programmable – An extremely sophisticated programmable unit permits you to input a schedule that has settings for each day of the week. Some units permit you to separately adjust for the weekend if you desire. Programmable models may save on cooling and heating expenses. It’ll make the most efficient usage by adjusting the temperature all through the day.

Smart – These thermostats are wi-fi-enabled to utilize from your technology like your computer, tablet or smartphone. They’re well-known to improve energy efficiency.

Remember the unit you pick has to be compatible with your cooling and heating system.

How will you know if the thermostat that you desire is compatible?

The first step includes knowing which kind of cooling and heating system you own.

Thermostat Center created an excellent post for the non-technical people on thermostats, as well as their HVAC compatibility. They say… “there are just three thermostats to select from:

  • The most common systems today are low voltage systems which require a 24v power supply. Many thermostats work with this system.
  • High voltage or direct line systems utilize a 110v – 240v power source. Generally, these are baseboards and additional electric heating systems which require specialized attention while searching for a thermostat (which means not all thermostats work with these). What you also should keep in mind is that within some older house, direct line voltage also is utilized to power a thermostat.
  • Usually, 24 millivolt systems are oil or gas-powered furnaces which do not use electricity, floor or wall type.

You must identify if your house is fitted with 2 Stage or 1 Stage.

  1. Stage 1 – you have models which operate at full capacity or not at all.
  2. Stage 2 – the system is able to heat and cool on both high and low speeds.

According to Home Depot, your new thermostat is labeled with one of these:

  • Works with Stage 1 cool or heat: For usage in places there is separate heating and AC units
  • Works with Stage 2 or multi-stage cool or heat: For cooling or heating units which have a low and high speed
  • Works w/ Direct Line Voltage: This is a 110 or 240 direct current power source utilized in some older house to power a thermostat
  • Works w/ 24mV: For usage with a wall or floor furnace, or fireplace
  • Zoned HVAC: Cooling and/or heating is individually controlled within various spaces from the exact same HVAC system

Armed with these details, it’s possible to make the proper selection as it’ll come to choosing your next thermostat for your home.

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