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Your thermostat is a key part of the HVAC system because it shows you what the temperature is and communicates that to your air conditioning unit. For most people, this is a fairly small device that is mounted somewhere in the home. Homeowners spend very little time thinking about their thermostat or where it happens to be located. Unfortunately, this lack of thought could lead to more repairs on your air conditioner in the long run.

What should you know about thermostat placement? Here are a few of the most common errors that experts find in homes and how they can negatively affect your air conditioner.

Placement Near Doors and Windows

Most homes have doors and windows that unintentionally allow hot air from the outdoors into the home. This could be minimized with some caulking or weatherstripping, but a little bit of warm air creeping into the home is inevitable. When you place the thermostat near parts of the home that are going to have that sort of draft, it’s bound to read at a much higher temperature. Alternatively, it might read at a cooler temperature when a nice breeze blows in.

Either way, the thermostat is causing the air conditioner to turn on and off frequently during the day due to the false readings. This on-again and off-again pattern causes a great deal of wear and tear to the HVAC unit, leading to more repairs long-term.

Placement in the Sun

Direct sunlight can influence the temperature reading from your thermostat. In fact, it can even lead it to believe that your house is extremely warm despite how chilly it might be in other areas. When the thermostat is constantly exposed to sunlight, it is going to cause your air conditioning unit to run more frequently. This leads to higher electric bills, more wear and tear on the unit and more frequent air conditioner repair.

Placement Near the Kitchen

The warmest room in your home is bound to be the kitchen. When you’re cooking on the stovetop, you are allowing a lot of heat to circulate throughout the home. The thermostat could read this heat and immediately turn on the air conditioner, even if it isn’t necessary for the rest of the home. It’s best to keep the thermostat away from warm rooms like the kitchen to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Placement Away from the Center of the Home

A thermostat that is placed on the far side of the house may read very differently than one that is right next to the air conditioning unit. One side may cause the air conditioner to run more frequently than is necessary while the other will cause to run too little. It’s best to achieve balance with your thermostat placement by situating it right in the middle of the home.

Allow the experts to help you place a new thermostat in just the right location. Classic AC Services is one of the most experienced air conditioning companies, and they can help you find the perfect spot. Contact us today for an ac repair in new braunfels.