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Save Energy Even with Your Air-Con On

Air conditioning does wonders, especially during the warmer days. It is considered a staple even these days; but while it shuns heat waves and creates a nice, cold, relaxing atmosphere, you still try and find ways on how to save energy while using your air conditioning to make your daily living just as pleasant as actually receiving your month’s electricity bill.

Here are some tips on how to save energy while using your air conditioner:

Get Your Furniture out of the Way

Sure, there are vent air deflectors you can buy whose purpose is to redirect the air to your desired specific spot, but you would rather not bother.

Instead, rearrange your household furniture and heat-generating appliances and gizmos in such a way that they do not get in the way of air conditioning vents. Do not let a chair with a pretty, yet high back rest block your air conditioning. Also, keep electronic gadgets, such as computers and TVs away from the air-con unit. The heat-sensitive thermostat will detect the higher temperature coming off, say, a lamp close by, and will require the air conditioner to run longer and work even harder.

Air-Con Running During the Day

With the air-con on, keep the doors and windows closed. This way you prevent moist and hotter outside air from getting inside the air-conditioned area. This can only result in a swell of electricity consumption by the equipment. In this light, it is a good reminder to make certain that the air-con unit is properly installed, with its edges well-sealed.  If you don’t feel any of these tips are your issues with your New Braunfels air conditioning then give us a call today!

In addition, shut the curtains or blinds in order to somehow block the sun rays from creeping into your room.

Air-Con Working at Night

Sun is not up. There is no sunbeam to intrude into the house. Sleeping hours are the time to turn your air conditioner down.

“Sleep mode” on air conditioners, if yours has one, can be activated, too. Turn those lights off. Again, these lamps contribute to the generation of heat.

Anybody Home?

When you leave home, an air conditioner timer comes in handy. You can use the feature to set how long you wish for your air-con to run, just to keep the interior of your home cool enough until you return. While doing so, make sure all windows and doors are closed and drapes are down.

Or better yet, give your cooling equipment a rest. Just turn it off. After all, you are not around to relish it, right?

The Vital Checkup

Maintenance is key. Take good care of your cooling system. It is a must. You can do the basic tasks yourself, such as cleaning of vents, ducts, and evaporator coil. Dust it off and make sure there are no dried leaves hanging about the part of the air-con that is facing outside of the wall.

Call professional aid for air conditioning repairs and when upkeep work can only be performed by an expert, such as changing of filters and Freon.

Always take into account that well-maintained air conditioners result in less consumption of energy. In the event that you are in the vicinity, you may give a ring to several companies offering repairs and other air conditioning services in New Braunfels area like Classic Air Conditioning and Heating.

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