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Are you curious about how your central heating and cooling or furnace work in cooling or heating the interior of your house? In this article, you will find the different parts of the HVAC explained.

We are aware how the HVAC systems can provide convenience to our indoors by regulating how warm or cold the temperature should be. However, we don’t exactly know how it works.

Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning Systems

If you want the HVAC explained in a simple way, it absorbs air from different sources, either by getting from the exterior of the house or heat pumps among others. The different components of the air conditioner are then responsible for distributing warmth of cold to the rooms in your home.

Below are the parts responsible for the functioning and how they contribute to regulating the indoor temperatures:


Different Parts Of The HVAC Explained

  1. Furnace Unit

The main component of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems is the furnace itself. It is responsible for heating the air that comes from different sources, depending on the model. The heat is then distributed to the different parts of the house through the ducts.

  1. Thermostat

The thermostat is the part of the air conditioner which almost anyone is familiar with. Basically, it adjusts the temperature set so that the air conditioner will only produce that amount of heat or cold to the room/s. When the room becomes hotter than it should, it produces more cold to balance the temperature. In the same matter, when the room becomes colder than the set temperature, it stops producing cold to maintain the temperature.

  1. Evaporator Coil

How an HVAC system works in cooling the room is through the evaporator coil. When you set the thermostat to a lower temperature, the evaporator coil freezes and the air passes through the cold coil, turning warm air to cold. Cold air then passes through the vents to cool down the rooms of your home.

  1. Condensing Unit

This component is placed outside of the home and is filled with a refrigerant gas. When the thermostat is at lowe temperature, the refrigerant is cooled, and the condensing unit pumps the liquid refrigerant to the evaporator coil and turns to gas which cools the air.

  1. Vent

The vents are the end airways of the ducted air conditioning systems. They are found on the ceilings of walls and these are where the air from the furnace comes out to provide warmth or cold to the rooms.

  1. Refrigerant Line

If you want the different parts of the HVAC explained, the refrigerant lines should also be included. These lines are responsible for carrying the refrigerant from the condensing unit to the evaporator coil and back.

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Understand And Learn How An HVAC System Works

Apart from experiencing the comfort of having an air conditioner at home, also understand how an HVAC system works. Read this article and see how HVAC explained the simplest possible way.

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