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    Sonoma Ranch is a popular area nestled just outside the bustling city of San Antonio. The town itself is extremely small but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to do and see in the area. The emphasis here is on a calmer way of life, but you still have the option of big city attractions just minutes from your doorstep. This allows you to focus on both family and fun with greater ease.

    You can enjoy the scenery with a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or hop over to one of the local dives like the Magnolia Pancake Haus for a quick brunch. Dive into a plate of bacon pancakes and start your day off the right way. Alternatively, the area is so beautiful that you may simply want to spend a spring afternoon walking around and enjoying the Texas landscape.

    Facing the heat in Texas is a way of life for residents of Sonoma Ranch. This small town is continuously growing with a population now reaching upwards of 3,000 people. The vast majority of the residents in this area are homeowners, which means that they are bound to be responsible for taking care of their property and keeping themselves cool in the middle of summer.

    Classic Air Conditioning and Heating is proud to serve the Sonoma Ranch area so we can partner with you in keeping your home comfortable. If you have a need related to your HVAC system, our qualified and experienced technicians can certainly perform the job.

    We try to come equipped to manage your issue on our very first visit to your home. All of our engineers arrive with a fully-stocked van of the most common parts and tools needed to complete a repair on your unit. Living in a home or working in an office that isn’t climate controlled can be brutal in the extreme weather of Texas. We want to do everything we can to minimize that discomfort by coming prepared to remedy your problem.

    All of our staff is highly trained, certified, and experienced in completing the types of repairs we most commonly see. You can rest assured that it will always be one of our employees who show up to your home when you need a service call. Subcontractors never make their way onto our job site because we believe in upholding our reputation. With a subcontractor, there’s no real way for us to ensure the quality of their work.

    Our business model is based on the idea that we need to educate and empower homeowners and business owners to make their own decisions regarding what’s best for their property. That’s why our technicians take the time to explain the basic breakdown or problem in terms you can understand. We will tell you all of the available options, including our recommendation. This allows you the freedom to choose a path that lines up with your long-term goals.

    Are you worried that a technician may try to rack up a bill by replacing unnecessary parts? Rest assured that our staff is completely trustworthy. We always give you any of the parts we replace so you can see where they may have been defective. With this hands-on approach, you learn more about your unit and have the peace of mind that your repair cost was money well spent.

    We are also extremely committed to standing behind the quality of our work. If the same issue crops up in an unacceptable period of time, we will come back and fix the problem. Your satisfaction with our services will always be our highest priority.

    Classic Air Conditioning and Heating can assist you with anything related to your HVAC system, whether you maintain a residential home or a commercial building. We can make emergency repairs that are available around the clock, seven days a week. However, we can also help you to keep the unit running in pristine condition year-round with maintenance plans.

    During an annual inspection, our engineers will take a closer look at your unit to make sure that everything is running well. They’ll clean everything up, replace your air filters, check fluid levels, and more to increase the energy efficiency of your current model. When they’re done, they can generate a comprehensive report that shows you what repairs may be looming on the horizon.

    We can also help you to settle on a new unit when the time inevitably comes to replace your current model. Designing the perfect HVAC system is well within our scope of expertise, whether you’re replacing an old unit or installing a system in a new construction setting.

    If you want to take care of your home with the very best equipment and well-qualified engineers, you can’t go wrong with Classic Air Conditioning and Heating. We stand behind our reputation and our long list of customer recommendations. Over the years, we’ve seen our company expand tremendously and we know it’s because of loyal customers like you who trust us with your Sonoma Ranch home.

    Allow us to give you peace of mind and help you to stay cool in the brutal Texas heat. Give us a call next time you need some help keeping your HVAC system running in tip-top shape.