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No matter what business you’re in, you know that your customers and employees need to stay cool through the hot summer months. Your HVAC system design is a key component of your new construction project. The strength and efficiency of your HVAC system can play a major role in your monthly overhead costs, as well as in the cost of the initial building. After all, your HVAC cost will typically account for 39 percent of your energy usage.

Designing an entirely new system for a new commercial project should be an extremely important aspect of the construction process. You should be able to rest assured that your HVAC company can handle your business’s needs and be able to fit into the tight constraints of your project’s budget. We can help you to do all of that and more.

Talk about your options

You should spend a great deal of time with your air conditioning technician discussing what your commercial building needs. Depending on the setup and floor plan of your new commercial building, you might want to opt for a certain type of HVAC system over another. Our experienced technicians will help you to figure out which type of system will work best with options ranging from a traditional central air conditioning unit to a packaged rooftop unit.

Find an environmentally-friendly option

Every business should find a way to give back to the environment and potentially lower their own heating and cooling costs. Classic Air Conditioning and Heating can offer you one of the leading commercial systems that work directly with your solar panels. This can make a huge difference in your monthly expenditures and lower the impact that your commercial building will have on the surrounding area.

With an investment like this, your company is telling the customers that you care about what happens to the area in the future. You’re making a commitment to bettering the community where you’re located and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

Choose a company that can handle your emergencies

Inevitably, your business will eventually face an emergency with your HVAC system. Whether it needs a quick tune-up or an important piece needs to be replaced, you should know that you hired a company you can count on. We can help with your future repairs and your long-term maintenance.

One of the best features that our company can offer is a single point of contact. You will have one employee who is highly trained and qualified to answer all of your questions. Whenever you have an issue, you know exactly who to contact to get your problems resolved quickly so you can get back to business as usual.

Classic Air Conditioning and Heating offers a wide range of commercial services, and your system will be tailored to your requirements. Contact us today to see what solutions we can come up with for your business’s new commercial building. We can help you to create an energy-efficient option that will help to save your business money.

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