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Innovative Ideas that Make Your AC Work Better and Save You Money

Do you ever wish you could get your air conditioner to work less without sacrificing any of your comfort? Fortunately, there are a lot of tricks you can use to help save you money when it comes to your bottom line. Understanding how your air conditioner works and how you can help it to work smarter is essential if you want to save money. Now, you can do both with some of these innovative ideas that can improve the feel of your home.

When you’re ready to start saving money, it’s time for you to practice a few of these helpful tips. Take a look to see which ones you can start using today!

Replace your air filters

How many times have you heard that replacing your air filters is important? When these filters become clogged with pollutants, it is harder for the air to circulate through them. This can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner and cause it to work much harder to supply the same level of cool air. Homeowners should be changing their air filters every thirty to ninety days.

Keep heat away from the thermostat

Your thermostat is responsible for sensing the temperature of the home and cueing the air conditioner to run. Try to keep it away from items that throw off a lot of heat, including your lamps, appliances, or even your television. If necessary, you might want to consider repositioning your thermostat further away from the kitchen or out of the direct sunlight that filters through your sliding glass door. This can keep your air conditioner from turning on unnecessarily throughout the day.

Install a programmable thermostat

It is highly recommended that you install a programmable thermostat that will let you modify the temperature at various points in the day. Energy Star recommends setting it up seven degrees higher while you work and four degrees higher while you sleep during the summer. Winter is a little different with an eight-degree setback during work and sleeping hours. With these changes, you are estimated to save $180 annually on heating and cooling costs.

Make sure the cold air stays in

Is it possible that your air conditioning could be leaking into the outdoors? Walk around the outside of your house, taking time to feel around your windows and doors for cool air escaping. This means that you need to do a better job weatherizing these areas. Install weatherstripping on the door and caulk the windows. These small steps can keep the coveted cool air indoors instead.

If you want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is in great shape, be sure to set up a time for annual maintenance. This allows trained air conditioning technicians to take a look at your unit and make recommendations that can boost its efficiency. Spring and summer are the ideal times to schedule these maintenance plans so that you can get the most benefit early in the season. If you’re ready to start saving money, be sure to give Classic Air Conditioning and Heating a call today!

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