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Is a Ductless Mini Split the Best Choice for You?

Many homes have central air conditioning that can keep them cool in the summer, but what do you do if your home has no ductwork? Whether you installed an addition on your property or simply have a home without ducts, you need to find a heating and cooling solution that works. This is what leads many people to consider a ductless mini split as the best possible choice. These units have a lot of advantages that not many homeowners are aware exist. You really need to decide if one of these simple units is the right fit for you.

What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

The ductless mini split system is a small heat pump that is located outside your home. It is relatively small compared to the usual central air conditioner. It may be just half the size of these larger units. The outdoor unit connects to an air handler inside the home that you can hang on the wall or from the ceiling. With this method, the unit allows you to bypass using traditional ductwork.

These units are great if your home doesn’t have ductwork and you can’t afford the installation cost associated with them. You can still benefit from cooler air but with a much lower initial investment.

What are the Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split?

Beyond the initial advantage of a reduced cost, you also have to consider the other benefits that a ductless mini split air conditioner can offer. Once you can look beyond the cost savings, you’ll find that they are really ideal for homeowners who want temperature flexibility, easy installation, and better energy efficiency.

Temperature Flexibility: Depending on the model you purchase, you may be able to have up to four different air handlers per unit inside the home. The number of handlers you need will be based on how efficient your home is at maintaining a comfortable temperature. You can split them up into zones and give each zone its own thermostat. This means that you can set the temperature lower in one bedroom than another, making everyone comfortable and happy.

Easy Installation: Most homeowners would never be able to install a central AC unit on their own. A ductless mini split system is less complicated to put into your home. It only requires a small three-inch hole in the wall for the conduit. You may still want to consider having a professional install your unit to prevent damage to the house. This can also ensure that it will run properly.

Better Energy efficiency: Ductwork can often spring leaks over a long period of time. Traditional central air conditioning loses approximately thirty percent of its energy consumption through the ducts. Because this system doesn’t have any ducts, it automatically uses its energy far more efficiently to pump chilled air straight into your rooms.

There are a lot of benefits to a ductless mini split system, but you have to consider which one is right for you. At Classic Air Conditioning and Heating, we can help you to find an affordable unit that will keep you cool and comfortable year-round!

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