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Have you ever wondered whether the humidity could be related to the excess heat you happen to be feeling? Most people already associate the sticky and sweaty feeling they get during the summer months with high humidity levels. It’s an uncomfortable sensation that nobody wants to experience in their own home. Some homeowners are wondering whether humidity is doing more than just making them uncomfortable. Could it be raising the temperature inside their home?

Everyone wants to save money on their cooling costs during the brutal heat of summer. It’s time to find out once and for all if humidity could be raising the temperature in your home and affecting your utility bills.

What exactly is humidity?

When people discuss humidity, they are most often referring to relative humidity. This is the type of humidity that you can actually feel when you have extremely dry or moist air around you. Relative humidity is simply a measure of how much water the air can hold onto at a particular temperature.

It is written in a percent that explains how much of the air’s total capacity to hold water is taken up at a given temperature. For example, you might see a weather forecast that says today’s relative humidity is twenty percent. This means that the air is only holding twenty percent of the moisture that it can possibly contain.

Does humidity cause the temperature to rise?

Humidity does not actually cause the temperature to rise inside your home. It does, however, make things feel hotter as the temperature begins to rise. The amount of water that the air can hold increases significantly as the temperature increases. This is why you often feel that sticky and damp feeling in the summertime but rarely experience the same sensation during the dry winter months. The air simply isn’t capable of holding onto as much water at the lower temperatures of winter.

The high humidity increases your discomfort during the summer months. This is why installing a dehumidifier is essential for homeowners who live in very moist areas. You can try a small, portable dehumidifier if you need it only occasionally. However, many homeowners experience greater relief with a whole-house dehumidifier that runs all the time. The whole-house version is capable of drawing significantly more moisture out of the air than the smaller style.

Because the humidity in your home will decrease with the dehumidifier, you may find that your home suddenly doesn’t feel as hot. You will forego that sticky feeling that is so unpleasant during the hot months of summer. Many homeowners can set their thermostat up a few degrees and save more money on their utility bills with this addition to their HVAC system.

When it comes to installing a dehumidifier, you want to entrust your home to an experienced air conditioning systems company. Classic Air Conditioning Services can send our qualified technicians to help you find ways to make your HVAC system more efficient this summer!

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