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In the sweltering summer months of New Braunfels, you want to maintain comfortable temperatures in your house, but at the same time conserve energy. This is not possible if your air conditioner runs constantly. A system that runs non-stop will undoubtedly hike up your electricity bills while damaging the system’s parts. In the hotter months, your AC may need to run longer to maintain comfortable temperatures in your house, so you may notice that unlike in other cooler months, your system runs with fewer cycles (regularly turning on and off). However, if your AC literally never stops, there’s a problem with the unit and it could be caused by one of the following things:


Improper Size of AC Unit

An undersized AC lacks enough cooling capacity and will constantly run as it struggles to cool your home. Even when it works this hard, you will notice that your home doesn’t achieve your desired temperature. Additionally, an AC that runs non-stop will experience more wear and tear. To know if the reason your AC runs constantly is because it’s undersized, check the evaporator coil inside the unit. If it’s frozen, it’s most likely that the pressure inside the unit is low due to being overworked. Another indicator is getting normal airflow from the vents but the home’s temperatures remain uncomfortable. 


This said an oversized AC is not the solution since it can also create problems. The best course of action is to get an in-house estimate from a licensed HVAC professional. The technician will look your house’s square footage and advise you on the correct size of an AC unit to purchase.


Dirty Air Filters               

Dirty air filters will hamper the amount of cool air produced by the AC and this will in turn cause the AC to run constantly. If you’ve been following our previous blogs, you know just how central the air filters are to the functionality of the AC. The good thing is that the solution to this problem is as simple as either cleaning the air filters or replacing them. Look at the manufacturer’s recommendations on how often you should change the air filters. If you keep pets or are exposed to an environment with more contaminants, you may need to check your air filters more often as they’re likely to get dirty more quickly. 


Thermostat Settings

There are two settings in a thermostat:  “Auto” and “ON”. These two settings determine how your air conditioner’s fan will run. “Auto” settings mean that the AC will only run when the air is being heated or cooled. This means that once your home achieves the temperature set on the thermostat, the AC will stop. “ON”  means that the AC will run 24/7 hours regardless of whether the desired temperatures have been achieved or not. The effects of an AC that runs 24/7 hours go beyond hiked electricity bills. You will notice that one that runs constantly causes the air filter to clog frequently, makes you chilly in winter and demands more frequent maintenance. The solution to incorrect thermostat settings is simply adjusting to “Auto” settings. If even after you adjust to correct settings, your AC still runs constantly, it’s either any of the other causes listed above or the thermostat is faulty. Your technician can replace your AC’s thermostat if this is the issue.

For AC inspections, repairs and maintenance or even installation, get in touch with air conditioning in New Braunfels for licensed technicians. We are just a call away.

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