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Do you think you know how your air conditioner really works? Some people believe that they know how to force their air conditioner to run more efficiently. There are plenty of myths floating around about how your air conditioning works. Many of them may sound like they are grounded in reality, but they could be costing you more money than you think. Take a look at some of these common myths about air conditioning to see where you might be able to save a few dollars.

Maintenance on your air conditioner isn’t necessary

Many homeowners have heard that paying for maintenance on their air conditioner is a waste of money. They believe that as long as their unit is running, there is no need for further work to be done on it. Unfortunately, this could be costing you more money in the long run. Maintenance on your unit allows a professional to clean the coils and other essential parts that help your AC to run efficiently. This simple maintenance can prevent damage to the parts, breakdowns of the entire unit, and help to lower your electric bill.

You should leave the thermostat on the same setting all day

Do you believe that it’s easier on the air conditioner if you leave your thermostat on the same setting all day long? This is a common myth that continues to prevail despite the evidence for savings that come with a programmable thermostat. It’s best to set your air conditioner up by a few degrees during the day while you’re at work and at night. This gives your air conditioner a short respite from its work but still manages to keep your home cool during the hours you’re home. As an added bonus, you can even save almost $200 per year this way.

Fans can cool down your room just as easily as an air conditioner

People often have the belief that a fan can cool down their room so they can turn off their air conditioner. Unfortunately, fans aren’t capable of producing cooler air. They simply push the air around that is already in the room. They can supplement the cool feeling of the air produced by an air conditioner by giving you a wind chill effect. However, they won’t be able to do it on their own.

A bigger air conditioner is always better

Most people want to believe that a bigger air conditioner will cool their house better than a smaller one. Like the rest of the myths on our list, this is simply untrue. A bigger air conditioner is likely to produce a large volume of cold air that cools the house down immediately but can’t produce long-lasting results. It tends to turn on and off many times throughout the day without ever pulling the humidity from the home or thoroughly cooling it. It is much better to get an appropriately sized unit for your home.  

Untangling the myths about air conditioning can be quite complicated for homeowners. You need the assistance of experienced air conditioning companies like Classic Air Conditioning and Heating to help you get to the bottom of your cooling dilemma. Contact us today to see how we can help you cool down your home!

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