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When summer is on its way, you know that your air conditioning unit is going to need to work extra hard. Many homeowners opt to have their unit serviced before the height of the season. This helps to prepare you for the hot months ahead, but it may not be enough to give you the greatest impact on your energy bills and comfort levels. You must remember to continue maintaining your air conditioner throughout the summer in order to keep things running smoothly.

What sort of things do you need to do in order to properly maintain your air conditioner this season? Be sure to add these simple tasks to your to-do list this summer!

Change the Air Filter

This is one of the most overlooked chores that a homeowner must be responsible for in every season. Changing the air filter can reduce your energy consumption by as much as fifteen percent. It improves the airflow from the unit, cooling your house down more efficiently and effectively removing dust and debris from the air. When you change the air filter the way you are supposed to, it prevents the rest of the unit from becoming caked with dirt and other particles. You should be changing this every thirty to ninety days.

Clear Debris from Around the Unit

No matter how much professional maintenance you had done, you are still likely to have dirt and debris build-up around the unit. Take a few minutes when doing your yard work to clear off the AC unit. This might mean removing limbs that fell onto the top of the cage, raking away leaves from around the base, or stripping off vines that are growing. While this may not have an immediate effect, you are working to prevent further damage to the unit.

Unclog the Condensate Drain Line

Finding a clogged condensate drain line is a relatively common occurrence that can make your home feel hotter and more humid. Make sure that the moisture from your air can easily exit the home by unclogging this important drain line. It is the pathway through which the heat from your home is going to be expelled into the great outdoors. You won’t want to have it back up into your house, undoing all of the hard work that the rest of the unit is currently doing.

Cleaning the Coils

The coils are an essential aspect of your HVAC system because they are responsible for removing the heat from your home. When they are dirty, it becomes almost impossible for them to transform the heat into liquid form. This is due to the reduced airflow over the dirty portions. Keep in mind that this should be done by a professional during your seasonal maintenance, so you may need to hire someone now if it was not.  

Caring for your air conditioner throughout the summer can be a large undertaking. If you need help with your AC unit, be sure to call the AC repair professionals. Here at Classic Air Conditioning, we can help you to keep your home running smoothly all summer long!

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