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Having an air conditioning unit can be a literal lifesaver in the hot seasons. With how hot the world has become, heat stroke is becoming more and more of a danger that everyone is facing. So having a nice and cool house to come back to and relax in can be crucial to staying healthy and safe, not to mention comfortable and nice to be in during the summer months.

Nothing beats kicking back in a cold room in the middle of the summer and enjoying the cool, crisp air that completely contrasts the summer heat.

If you live in a duplex or shared room house, it can be hard to figure out air conditioning solutions. Unless the person you’re sharing space with wants to split the cost evenly, it can be hard finding a good air conditioning system that caters to just you and your needs.

Especially if you’re only living in a couple rooms, and don’t want to rake up the cost of having a full fledged cooling system in your entire house. Luckily, a ductless split air conditioner could be the solution you are looking for.

Ductless Split Air Conditioners: Pros And Cons

A ductless split air conditioner is the same as a regular air conditioning unit, except for the fact that they are easier to install and only cater to one specific room. One of the major pros is that they are perfect for heating or cooling only a few specific rooms, since they are a single unit system that connects to an outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit can typically support around four indoor units, which can make it easier for you to pick and choose which rooms you need cooled and which can go without, saving you on your overall energy bill.

However, ductless split air conditioning systems also have their disadvantages as well. For starters, they are generally more expensive than other types of air conditioning units. While in the long run, the minimal energy consumption will save you money, you will need a lot of money up front to afford the system in the first place, which is a big turn off for many regarding the system.

They are also fairly tricky to install, and finding a specialist who knows how to install them can be not only a hassle, but can end up being nearly impossible unless you live in a big city with lots of air conditioning specialists around you.

If ductless splits air conditioning units sound like they are the air conditioning units for you, then give us a call or click and we can discuss the options we have with setting you up with one.

We are professionals who are dedicated to assisting in your cooling, heating, and general air conditioning questions and concerns year round, making sure the quality and temperature of your air at home is always comfortable. Contact us for an ac repair in New Braunfels!

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