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After a serious flood, workers and homeowners initially focus on things such as carrying away furniture, ripping up the carpets, and tearing out drywall. However, soon, HVAC techs are going to be in great demand as they replace, repair, and inspect systems of climate control.

Step One

During a hurricane, if your house flooded, the initial thing you ought to do before you reenter is to get a utility worker, licensed electrician, or eligible emergency responder state that the house is safe. The main concern is any risk of electrocution related to any standing water.

Depending upon whether water entered electrical outlets, wiring, or additional electrical aspects, an electrician might disconnect the primary electric meter or electrical panel. If this is not necessary, yet you still believe the air conditioner or furnace might’ve been compromised, cut power off to the whole HVAC system at your breaker box then keep it switched off until the technician is able to service and inspect your system.

If you begin to clean immediately, mark the high-water line upon your air conditioner and furnace. It’ll assist the technician in rapidly evaluating what components got submerged.

Lastly, if you own any propane-powered equipment in your house, alert the area utility and arrange service as soon as you can. Propane equipment that was damaged may be very dangerous and have to be dealt with by skilled professionals.

 Take the Trash Out

The reason why it is so critical extracting waterlogged carpeting and drywall as fast as possible includes avoiding the growth of mold. Anything absorbent has to go, including any damp insulation. Also, it includes all disposable filters within the HVAC system. As soon as you can, take care of those tasks.

As you’re able to get the HVAC tech to assess the damage to your house, you might receive an answer about whether the AC or furnace may be salvaged. Within spaces that have substantial flooding, it isn’t uncommon for the models to be a total loss. Models which may be restarted still will suffer water damage which will lead to corrosion that may produce premature breakdowns, as well as harmful leaks of carbon monoxide or refrigerant.

Cleanup Time

Within the process of rebuilding and recovery, you will probably have all types of contractors going and coming – plumbers, electricians, carpenters and much more. It is vital that you coordinate services with your additional repair requirements to permit enough space to work and make the tasks as simple as they can be.

If it is determined that your current models are salvageable, they will have to be extensively cleaned. Mold and additional dangerous microorganisms may linger in every crevice. Unique mold remediation methods are utilized to make the equipment safe once again.

The same will go for your ductwork. Air ducts which touch floodwater usually will have to be replaced. Other ones likely will have to be disinfected and cleaned.

For more information on repairing your HVAC system after a possible flood contact the air conditioning system professionals of Classic Air Conditioning, New Braunfels today!





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