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    We've been in business since 2005, helping residents keep their homes and businesses comfortable. Locally owned and operated, we're a fully licensed, fully staffed San Marcos air conditioning and heating company with the size and capability to meet all your needs, yet small enough to be affordable.  We're also extremely dedicated to providing personalized service and a friendly small business touch that keeps our customers coming back.

  • Our solutions

  • We offer a full line up of residential air conditioning & heating services.

    • Residential service and repair
    • Residential maintenance and service plans
    • Residential system replacement
    • Residential new construction design and install

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  • We offer commercial air conditioning and heating service, up to 20 ton system.

    • Commercial service and repair
    • Commercial maintenance and service plans
    • Commercial system replacement
    • Commercial new construction design and install

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  • Our services

  • If you have any type of Air Conditioning or Heating problem, you can trust our local, licensed professionals to quickly respond, expertly diagnose, and provide options for the most efficient repair or solution available.  

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  • We're proud to offer our customers top of the line Lennox products.  Lennox is the industry leader and was rated #1 for 2016, receiving the coveted Gold Award by TopTen Reviews.

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  • Regular maintenance = Better air quality, lower utility bills, longer system life, and avoiding costly repairs by catching any problems early.

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  • We provide comprehensive HVAC system design for all types of new construction, residential and commercial.  We work with builders, planners, business and home-owners to ensure the best possible design for all new structures.

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  • Air Conditioning Services

    For over a decade, Classic Services has been providing expert heating and cooling services for San Marcos, Texas. Our HVAC technicians are always ready and waiting to provide expert service for the maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation of any HVAC unit.

    Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Here at Classic Services, we understand the importance of protecting your investments, including your heating and cooling units.

    Our maintenance plans allow for our expert technicians to regularly tune-up and inspect your heating and cooling units to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Routine maintenance can provide the following benefits:

    • Improved efficiency

    If HVAC units aren’t properly serviced, their efficiency can decrease, making it difficult to maintain good temperature control in your home. Routine maintenance helps to ensure that heating and cooling units are running as efficiently as possible.


    • Lowered heating & cooling costs

    Once efficiency starts to decrease, air conditioners and furnaces work harder to maintain thermostat settings, increasing energy bills. Regular maintenance with Classic Services can help keep heating and cooling units running smoothly, saving you money over time.


    • Longer service life

    Routine maintenance is the best way to prolong the service life of your heating and cooling units, ensuring reliable temperature control for years to come.


    • Fewer emergency A/C repairs

    There are few things more frustrating than having your heating or cooling unit break when you need it the most. Routine maintenance can help avoid emergency situations by identifying and solving small problems before they become urgent issues.

    We offer many different maintenance plans for our customers, and our HVAC technicians provide the highest levels of expert service throughout the maintenance process.

    Air Conditioner Repair

    No matter how much maintenance and care you put into a heating unit, eventually they may need to be repaired. As air conditioning and heating equipment ages, the likelihood of repair increases.

    With over ten years of experience, our technicians are well equipped to provide thorough and expert repairs for any heating or cooling unit.

    Our repair services continue to be a valuable resource for homeowners and businesses, providing superior customer service and expert guidance across the San Marcos, Texas area.

    Air Conditioner Replacement

    If you’re looking for a new heating or cooling system, Classic Services has you covered. We proudly offer top-quality air conditioning and heating equipment to keep your home comfortable throughout the changing seasons.

    Our professional technicians can work with you to find the perfect heating and cooling units to fit your needs and your budget. With plenty of energy efficient models available, we can confidently provide efficient, affordable, and reliable heating and cooling units.

    No matter what type of heating or cooling unit needs to be replaced, Classic Services can provide a dynamic solution to suit the individual needs of your home or business.

    Air Conditioning Installation

    Having the correct HVAC system installed into a new structure is crucial to ensuring long-lasting comfort and health. For new homeowners and builders throughout San Marcos, Texas, Classic Services provides invaluable solutions for heating and cooling systems.

    With over a decade of experience, our technicians are aware of how important it is to install heating and cooling units that align with the size and layout of new homes and businesses. Our professional HVAC technicians are well equipped to design and install the best heating and cooling units for your new space.

    Whether you need to schedule maintenance, repair, replacement, or installation, Classic Services is ready to provide experienced and dedicated assistance for all your heating and air conditioning needs in San Marcos.

  • We've teamed with Service Finance Company to offer financing for those with good credit.  The online application is quick & easy.