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It’s easy to get bogged down in the details when you’re attempting to purchase a new air conditioner for your home. You have to consider the size of the unit, the name brand, the energy efficiency, and so much more. One of the most important numbers to consider is the SEER rating, but many homeowners aren’t quite sure what this number means. It’s time for you to learn a little more about one of the most important ratings that you will need to make a wise purchase decision.

Are you ready to learn more about the SEER rating? Let’s dive right in with this short and helpful guide to assist you with purchasing a new AC unit.

What does SEER stand for?

The SEER rating on a new air conditioner unit stands for the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. This essentially means that it is a measurement of how efficiently your new air conditioner will work compared to the amount of energy it uses. It measures the cooling air that your air conditioner puts out and divides it by the electricity input during that same period of time. It essentially measures how energy efficient your new unit is and how much it might cost you on a monthly basis.

What is a good SEER score?

The minimum and maximum SEER scores are always changing as new technology develops. At this moment, the minimum SEER score for all new air conditioners is considered to be thirteen. However, the maximum can reach into the low twenties.

An older unit that is getting ready to retire may only have a SEER rating of nine. This is why a new unit can automatically help you to save more money on your monthly cooling costs. Going from a unit with a SEER of nine to one in the high teens could mean drastic savings in your monthly electric bill. This is definitely something to consider when purchasing a new air conditioner.

Keep in mind that a unit with a higher SEER rating will require a greater initial investment but will cost less to run over the course of its lifespan. You will have to work with your professional to determine what SEER rating you should purchase for your home and how much money it can ultimately save you. Before you begin the process, consider how much you can reasonably afford to spend on a new unit first. Be aware that a unit with the highest SEER ratings will have about a forty percent price increase over the lower minimum SEER rating models.

When it comes to purchasing a new air conditioning unit, the SEER rating is an important number to know. However, there is a lot more that goes into this major decision than its efficiency. You should consult a professional service like Classic Air Conditioning and Heating to take advantage of their AC service in New Braunfels. We can give you the best advice about which size and ratings are right for your home!

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