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Summer is my favorite time of year! There’s so much you can do outside, from hiking to fishing, swimming and barbecuing; it really is the best. All good things come with risks, though, and the summer is no exception. From roving wildlife on your camping trips to overheating in your backyard, you want to stay safe while having fun; here’s a brief guide to keeping safe during the hottest months of the year.


Storms are common during the summer, and they are dangerous. Lightning kills, so if you hear thunder, wait indoors until 30 minutes until the last rumbles have been heard before going back out. Sometimes, you’ll be in a position where no solid building is available, like when you’re camping; in these cases, try to take shelter in a vehicle. Tornadoes and hail are other summer weather risks; do everything you possibly can to find shelter in these scenarios, and if you can’t, try to find tightly grouped trees in a low lying area to find shelter under.


Insects can carry harmful diseases that might put your family’s health at risk. Avoid the outdoors at dusk and dawn, where mosquitoes are most active. Tall grasses and woods carry ticks, so wear long sleeved clothing in these areas, or avoid them altogether. Wearing an effective insect repellent can also reduce your risk of infection.

Emergency Kits

Make an emergency kit with a wind-up radio, water, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a three-day supply of non-perishable foods, and other necessities in case of inclement weather taking out power or infrastructure.
Don’t Advertise to Robbers

You’re going on vacation, perhaps on a camping trip; that’s exciting, but telling the world on social media can be a mistake. Criminals can deduce where you live, and when you’ll be away; they may then decide it’s the perfect time for a heist on your home. You should tell your friends and family where you’re going, and give them an itinerary so they’ll be aware of your whereabouts, but don’t post this information online.

Swim Cautiously

NEVER leave a child unattended in the water, and make sure that everyone swimming has had swimming lessons to be extra safe. Have floatation devices nearby, and opt to swim in the daytime, preferably on a day with little wind.

Stay Cool

Heatstroke and heat exhaustion’s are two very real dangers of the beautiful summer weather. Don’t leave children or pets unattended in vehicles when it’s hot outside, as they may fall ill. Keep cool and hydrated; swim in cold water, stay in the shade, and be sure to have ready access to water bottles. You’ll want to have a cool retreat from the hot sun; the best way of doing this is to install an air conditioning unit in your home. Air conditioning regulates the temperature of your house to create a sanctuary from overheating, so it’s an incredibly useful tool for staying cool. Your AC unit might be giving you trouble; don’t wait to have it fixed, and call us for air conditioning repair in New Braunfels.

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