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Your air conditioner is another mechanical appliance that will eventually reach the end of its lifespan. One day, you may find that it no longer blows cold air or it could come to a sputtering stop with grinding sounds and intolerable squeals. A broken air conditioner can come about in a number of ways. Unfortunately, the reality is always the same. It is inevitable that you will one day be faced be faced with a major decision: should you repair your air conditioner or replace the broken unit?

Knowing the signs of an air conditioning unit that needs to be replaced is essential to making a wise decision. Consider how many of these signs your air conditioning unit has been displaying before you make your major decision.

Significant Age

Like all appliances, your AC unit has an expected lifespan for the mechanical components it contains. Most experts believe that an air conditioner will last anywhere from ten to fifteen years with the proper maintenance. When you start to encounter some of these other issues and your unit has passed this age, it is time to consider replacing it.

More Frequent Repairs

Are you on a first-name basis with your HVAC technician these days? When your AC unit is starting to rack up the repair bills, it is likely time to replace the entire unit. You have to consider how much you are spending in these numerous repair bills in comparison to the overall cost of a new unit. The math might be able to show you that you are spending too much money attempting to revive an old air conditioner that is still going to need to be replaced. If you are spending more than $5,000 on repairs for your current AC, you should consider purchasing a new one that would be more energy-efficient.

R-22 Refrigerant

The use of R-22 refrigerant is being phased out in favor of a more environmentally friendly option. As a result, the demand for this coolant is high while the supply is extremely low. The cost for R-22 continues to rise and adds to the overall repair cost if you have a leak in your system. You may want to consider replacing your unit altogether if you need more refrigerant and your unit utilizes this older type.

Rising Energy Bills

Are your energy bills continuing to increase month after month, even though your home doesn’t feel any cooler? This is a sign that your air conditioning unit is no longer functioning effectively. You should highly consider replacing it with a more energy efficient unit that could save you up to forty percent on your monthly bills.

Making the decision to replace or repair your air conditioning unit can be tricky without professional guidance. You should enlist the help of one of the top qualified ac companies in San Antonio before you make a final decision. Classic Air Conditioning and Heating can guide you through the process of deciding to repair or replace your unit. Contact us today to get more help making a wise choice for your home!

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