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When is the last time you had a professional take a closer look at your air conditioning unit? Many homeowners tend to neglect their air conditioning unit until they encounter a serious issue with it. However, their money might be better spent on an annual maintenance plan that can keep you running smoothly throughout the year. Take a look at the top benefits our annual maintenance plan could offer you!

Peace of Mind

Did you know that the majority of problems with your air conditioning unit are completely preventable? Improper operation is a leading cause of air conditioner woes. An annual inspection gives us an opportunity to take a deeper look into your system so we can pinpoint any areas that could be causing massive damage to your unit. Cleaning the coils and making sure that every part can run effectively is a the key to a good maintenance process. With these basic steps, you can prolong the lifespan on the most important parts of your machine.

Our annual maintenance plan generates a comprehensive report of any issues we see looming on the horizon with your air conditioning unit. You can use this report to help schedule repairs and further maintenance calls in a way that is convenient for you in terms of scheduling and financing.

Clear Records of Service

Most homeowners have a hard time remembering when they last had their air conditioning unit serviced by a professional. They might not even remember what repairs have already been taken care of on the unit. With an annual maintenance plan, we can keep a clear record of your service and remind you when things are coming due again. This gives you a greater degree of flexibility and helps you to comply with manufacturer recommendations for the warranty on your air conditioning unit.

Priority Service

If you do have an issue that develops, customers that have a working relationship with us through their maintenance plan receive priority service. This could be an essential feature in the hot Texas summers where you don’t want to be without cold air for even an hour. We should be able to get to your home within the same day because we are already familiar with your unit. As an added bonus, we might even be able to give you a discount on any repairs.

Better Energy Efficiency

When your unit is well taken care of, it tends to run more efficiently. A new air filter and clean coils can go a long way toward making sure that the cool air blows directly into your home with nothing to stand in its way. You might see lower heating and cooling costs as a direct result of your annual maintenance plan. Taking care of the unit now can also reduce the need for future repairs to the system caused by excessive wear and tear.

Classic Air Conditioning and Heating provides air conditioning maintenance plans for over 12 years. Let us help you reap the benefits that go along with a well taken care of air conditioning unit so you can live comfortably for years to come.

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