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  • We use our ACs a lot here, which is the reason why it is vital to have someone it’s possible to trust watching your system. That is precisely what our Maintenance Plan is made to do! Rather than just contacting us when something goes awry, our AC service plans assist in preventing issues from developing within the first place. Here, we list five circumstances that it pays to sign up for our Maintenance Plan.

    1. You didn’t remember to book a yearly tune-up. We understand that homeowners become busy and taking care of your AC may not always be the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you do not remember to arrange a tune-up, the likelihood of the system breaking down later on within the summer is going to be a lot higher. This isn’t something you will need to be concerned with as you sign up for our service plan, because yearly tune-ups are included for your AC and furnace.
    1. You require a repair as soon as possible. ACs usually break down as they’re working overtime, which is added when you require them the most. Therefore, if it is over 100℉ outdoors and your AC stops working, you will want to get it cared for as soon as you can. As a member of one of our AC service plans, you will be guaranteed a four-hour response time for all repairs and also will obtain priority service while arranging your session. Your system is going to be up and running in no time!
    1. The system breaks down after a couple of hours. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if ACs just encountered issues during standard business hours? That isn’t the case, unfortunately, and it may be difficult to locate a good contractor on the holiday, weekend or night. That is why we offer priority service to our Maintenance Plan customers 24/7 no matter which day it is!
    1. You require a repair on a budget. As money is tight, you may be tempted to wait one or two months before you call to have the AC checked. But, AC issues usually grow worse with time, and the problem may become more expensive to repair the longer you’ll wait. As a member of our AC service plan, you will get a 15 percent discount on every repair and also make money toward your following system each year that you are a member!
    1. You need a better warranty for the system. Having an excellent warranty is one of the best methods of protecting an investment in an AC. However, extending a regular warranty may be costly, and routine maintenance is necessary to keep a great warranty valid. Our Maintenance Plan comes with up to a ten-year extended labor warranty, and you will not need to be concerned with keeping it valid because yearly tune-ups are included with the membership!

    For more information on the value of an AC service plan contact the air conditioning systems company of Classic Air Conditioning, New Braunfels today!