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Are you trying to save some money on your air conditioning this summer? Most experts recommend turning the thermostat up a few degrees each night to save on the utility costs during the hottest months of the year. While you should be asleep for this minor temperature change, the oppressive heat might be keeping you awake. How can you possibly find respite from the unbearable heat on those long summer nights?

If you want to save costs on your air conditioning (or if your unit isn’t working), be sure to try out a few of these tips to keep cool!

Bring an ice pack to bed with you

Do you wish you could just surround yourself with ice cubes in the middle of the night? Cold ice cubes surrounding your body might be the best image that your mind can conjure up. However, ice cubes melt and make a mess all over your sheets and mattress. An ice pack allows you to experience the cooling touch of ice without the inherent mess. Slip a frozen ice pack between your sheets to cool them down a few minutes before you hop into bed.

Take a cold shower

During the winter, you probably can’t wait to take a steamy shower. Summertime brings along a new set of priorities for you though. Taking a cold shower is a great way to get ready for bed. Not only will you be clean right before you lay down, but you should be nice and cold too. This can make it easier for you to fall asleep initially.

Whether you need help to make your air conditioning unit more energy efficient or you need help repairing a broken unit, be sure to give Classic Air Conditioning and Heating a call. We have the highly qualified air conditioning contractors you need to help keep you cool this summer.  

Choose cotton sheets and pajamas

It’s time to retire those polyester or silk sheets from your bed during the summer months. These fabrics are less likely to breathe and release heat compared to cotton. They can help you to get hot air out from between the sheets and wick moisture away from your skin. In either scenario, they are far cooler than your fancy sheets will be.

Put a pan of ice in front of the fan

Save money on your air conditioning without sacrificing the cool air. All you need is a cake pan filled with ice and a standard fan. Place the pan filled with ice in front of the fan and direct the air stream over the area where you sleep. This allows the fan to blow cool air around your bedroom, but it will start to blow a soft mist as the ice melts.

Unplug it all

How many things do you have plugged in at night? You need to unplug the computers, phones, and televisions to reduce the amount of electricity buzzing through your bedroom. All of these appliances put off a certain amount of heat, so unplugging them or placing them in a different room can keep the heat down.


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