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Ways to Lower Your AC Costs this Summer

Don’t catch yourself unprepared for the rising costs of your electric bill when the summer heat waves roll in. This can be one of the most expensive times of year for homeowners because of the astronomical rates from utility companies. It’s time to start helping your money to work harder this season. You need to find a few sneaky ways to lower the cost of air conditioning and keep more money in your pocket.

Take a few of these steps now to start preparing your home for a cooler (and less expensive) summer.

Invest in sealing up your home

If you live in an older home, there’s a good chance that your windows and doors are leaking your precious chilled air into the great outdoors. Your weatherstripping or caulking might be too old to perform its job anymore. The good news is that this is a very easy fix that you can do yourself, even if you’re on a budget. Find out what parts of your home are leaking by standing oustide and feeling around the edges of your windows and doors. When you feel cold air, you know that your seals need a little bit of attention.

Install a programmable thermostat

Invest some money in a smart programmable thermostat like Nest. This allows you to change the temperature in the home at set points throughout the day. By raising the temperature while you’re at work and while you sleep, you could save up to $180 per year. Based on your savings, leading manufacturer Nest claims that it pays for itself in less than two years.

Stop turning down the thermostat

You can expect to be a little warm during the summer months. Nobody wants to turn up their thermostat, but it is a great way to save a ton of money during the hottest part of the year. Try setting it at the highest possible temperature that you can tolerate. The recommended indoor temperature when you’re at home is 78 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius).

Run the ceiling fans

Turn the fans on while you’re in the room. The sudden burst of moving air can help you to cool down significantly faster than air conditioning alone. You should be able to raise your thermostat by several degrees as long as you have the fans running. This can be a great way to save money. Remember to turn them off when you leave the room or you’re paying for electricity that you don’t really need. After all, fans do very little to cool down the temperature of the entire home.

It is possible to save money on your summer cooling costs this year with a few handy tips to help you maximize your home’s efficiency. If your bills are still astronomical but the house is hot, it might be time to have one of the most experienced air conditioning service companies like Classic Air Conditioning and Heating take a look at your unit. Let us help you cool down this summer with seasonal AC maintenance and repair work!

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