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Are you trying to find creative ways to stay cool this summer instead of turning down your thermostat? Most people are tempted to turn their thermostat down a few degrees, but they shudder to think what the electric bill will be at the end of the month. Instead, it can be a good idea to combine your typical air conditioning with a few creative solutions to the sweltering summer heat. Try a few of these techniques to give you the advantage you need to stay cool all summer long.

Use your fans creatively

Installing a ceiling fan in your rooms can make them feel cooler due to the wind chill. They can make your skin feel instantly colder even though they don’t change the temperature in the room itself. Make sure it is set to spin counterclockwise in the summer (follow the instructions found here if you aren’t sure how). Leave your fans running whenever you happen to be in the room, but you can also get creative with your portable fans. Set them up so that they can push hot or warm air out of the window instead of blowing it around the room. This can be particularly helpful at night while you sleep.

Trade everything for cotton

Is there anything worse than feeling silk sheets stuck to sweaty skin in the middle of a summer heat wave? You need to switch everything to cotton if you prefer to stay cool in the increased heat. This includes your sheets, blankets, and even your pajamas. It can breathe better and it is less likely to trap the warm air next to your skin.

Take cold showers

A steamy shower feels great in the middle of the winter, but it only makes things worse during the summertime. Start taking cold showers instead. Not only do they prevent you from heating up the rest of your home, they also help you to cool down instantly. This is a win-win situation for you and your house.

Keep the curtains closed during the day

When the curtains are open and sunshine pours into the house, you might have already noticed that your house heats up considerably. The sunlight pours warmth into the house the longer it is allowed to penetrate. You may be able to block some of this heat by closing the curtains whenever the sun shines in during the hottest parts of the day. While this may make your home very dark, you will at least be significantly cooler.

Steer clear of the stove

Turning the stove or oven on will automatically make your house hotter. Try to avoid cooking indoors with this major appliance when you’re struggling to stay cool. Instead, you can opt to use a slow cooker or a grill to help you make your meals. Both of them put off considerably less heat without forcing you to sacrifice a home-cooked meal.

Staying cool in the summertime can be a struggle, but Classic Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help. We can help you handle all of your air conditioning needs so that you can stay cooler this season!

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