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Have you found puddles of water around your air conditioning unit? An excessive amount of water near or inside of your unit is never a great sign. Some moisture is normal and is only indicative of condensation from the heat being pulled from your indoor air. However, a puddle this size should be relatively small and able to dry up with exposure to sunlight over the course of an afternoon. Larger puddles that are more pronounced and are visible all the time should be a cause for major concern.

Homeowners should know what the possible causes of the leak are so they can determine when to seek professional help for their home. Educate yourself on some of these potential causes that are contributing to your leak.

Clogged Drain Line

If you are finding water backing up into your home, it could be the result of a clogged drain line. The condensation that forms would usually exit the home and release the water outside. This line can sometimes become clogged with dirt and other debris. You may want to check this before you call an HVAC technician. Depending on your model, you may be able to clear the line using a wet/dry vacuum and some vinegar.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter prevents the airflow from reaching the evaporator coil that removes the heat. The coil suddenly becomes too cold and begins to freeze. The coil may begin to defrost and the ice will melt when the air conditioner stops running for a little while. Unfortunately, this might be too much water for your drain pain to hold. It could run over, causing water to spill in large puddles.

Damaged Drain Pain

Older units might have some smaller pieces that need to be replaced. It’s possible that your drain pan can no longer hold the water because it is damaged or rusted in spots. This could be a very simple fix for you.

Broken Condenser Pump

Some air conditioning units have a pump that is responsible for moving the water outside. If the condenser pump breaks, the water isn’t going outside anymore. You might start to notice water building up around the bottom of the air conditioning unit in your home. This is something that will need to be fixed by a professional. The pump may just need a simple repair or could need to be replaced altogether.

While these are some of the most common reasons that your air conditioning unit could be leaking water, it isn’t necessarily a definitive list. Try a few of these simpler options first by clearing out the drain line or replacing the air filter. If that doesn’t solve your problem, call in a professional HVAC company as soon as possible. This can prevent the damage from getting worse.

One of the best ways to avoid major problems with your air conditioning unit leaking water is to sign up for one of Classic Air Conditioning and Heating’s air conditioner maintenance plans. We can help to keep your AC unit running great all year long!

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