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Air conditioner temperature is important if you want your AC to last as long as it ought to and keep you and your loved ones comfortable on even the warmest days of the summer season. When you do not arrange a routine tune-up with an HVAC tech, you place yourself at risk of paying for a costly repair or inefficient energy use.

If your air conditioning unit is older, you might be wondering how much life it has left inside of it. The majority of ACs will offer you signs before they actually fail.

The Best Home Air Conditioner Temperature

In the sizzle of summer, it is tempting to operate your AC full blast around the clock. But that isn’t exactly eco-friendly – or easy on your pocketbook. Therefore, what do you do? How is it possible to find a happy medium: an air conditioning temperature which will keep your house cool without having to turn you into an energy pig?

Try Energy Star’s Advice

Energy Star suggests running the AC at no lower than 78℉ (25.5℃) to maximum the energy efficiency of your home (which translates to a reduction in electricity costs). It’s close to the nationwide average high temperature for May – in other words, a beautiful spring day.

Find What is Comfortable for You

You can experiment with keeping the thermostat at the suggeted 78℉ low for several days as you and your family go about your routine. How comfy are you? Could you stand to live with turning up your HVAC a couple of more degrees? Alternatively, do you have a loved one who can’t tolerate high temperatures because of a medical condition? (Folks who have multiple sclerosis, for example, consistently find that their symptoms worsen under hot conditions.)

Give HVAC a Helping Hand

Should you have a difficult time with an interior temperature of 78-degrees, before you reach for your air conditioner remote there are some more tips you should try. Give the HVAC system an increase with one or two electric fans (ceiling mounted). The low-energy devices help the cold air to circulate and draw warm air upwards, which leaves you feeling colder.

Painting your house a pale shade which reflects the rays of the sun and shading sunny windows with blinds, shutters, or heavy drapery plays a part in decreasing inside temperatures. Correct insulation will benefit you both in the summertime and wintertime, by restricting the quantity of exterior air which gets into your home. Read on….

Benefits of Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning Temperature

If there are several ductless “zones” inside a structure or home, it’s possible to control the temperature in every room rather than using a thermostat for the whole house — which makes them more energy efficient. According to Energy Star, as high as 20% of air traveling through a traditional air duct system may get lost because of leaks or holes. Call us at (830) 358-1499 for your home repair and service needs.

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