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What’s the Best Temperature to Set Your Home Throughout the Year?

The temperature of your home plays a major role in how comfortable you will feel and how high your electric bill will be at the end of the month. Choosing the perfect temperature can be a simple way to save more money on your utilities. Unfortunately, not all homeowners know what those magic numbers should be. Does the best temperature for your home change in the winter and summer?

The good news is that there are some easy answers for how you should change your thermostat throughout the year. We can help you to find the best answers to your air conditioning and heating woes here.


The spring weather promises the first hints of warmth, enticing the plants to burst into bloom almost immediately. You can enjoy the tantalizing warmth and forego your air conditioning until it starts to reach into the sweltering heat of summer. This is great for your utility bill and it gives your home a chance to air out after being sealed up tight from the arctic winds of winter. As the season progresses, set your thermostat the same as you would during the summer.


When the heat starts to come in major waves and prompt sweat beads to form down your spine by early afternoon, you know it’s time to turn the air conditioning on. Some people are tempted to set it as low as their unit will possibly let them go. This ensures that they have cool air for the entire day, but it isn’t likely to save them any money. It’s recommended to set your thermostat as high as you possibly can while still remaining comfortable. A good starting point is usually 78 degrees.

Energy Star recommends setting it up an additional eight degrees while you’re at work. Sleep should prompt a four-degree setup. Doing this can save you up to $180 per year, but you may need to install a programmable thermostat in order to keep up.


Much like spring, fall is comfortable enough for you to open your windows. Allowing the cool breeze to flow through the house can improve your ventilation and cool everything down. Make sure to keep the windows shut at night when the chillier air is bound to sneak in. This can help to keep your home consistent and comfortable. However, you can turn the heat on to the same setting you will keep throughout the winter as the days grow shorter and the nights turn even colder.


In the winter, it’s generally recommended to keep your temperature as low as you can possibly stand. Some people might be more willing to go to extremes for this category, so we suggest sticking with 68 degrees. This may mean that you need to pile on more blankets or wear a sweater around the home, but it is far easier on your furnace and your utility bills. It’s recommended to set it down eight degrees while you’re at work and asleep to save even more money.

Knowing how to set your thermostat throughout the year is an important way to maintain your heating and cooling system. If you need help, you should be looking to hire experienced air conditioning companies like Classic Air Conditioning and Heating. We can help your HVAC system to run smoothly year-round!

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