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When temperatures soar and days become almost unbearable, there’s nothing more annoying than a buzzing noise from the one thing that should keep you from melting. Of course, newer air conditioner tends to be quieter than older ones, but anything louder than a low hum is an indication of trouble brewing. Buzzing sounds from your AC could have a plethora of meanings; some are simple and require simple fixes, while others require you to call an AC repair company due to their complex nature. This a round-up of what might be causing your AC to buzz and what to do about it.

A frozen AC will likely cause buzzing sounds. There are various reasons why your AC is frozen up. Dirty filters can impede airflow interfering with how an AC should function. Proper air flow ensures that the cold coil stays warm and above freezing point. Check your AC air filters and ensure the registers are both open and clear. Low refrigerant can also cause the AC to freeze by causing the coils to go too cold. If yours is a window AC unit, you can use a hairdryer to unfreeze the unit. Alternatively, turn the AC unit off to let it thaw. For persistent AC freezing problems, call your technician.

Damaged or missing feet is another explanation why your AC keeps producing that annoying sound. The compressor in your AC is mounted within the unit’s base and sits on small rubber feet known as isolation feet. With continued use and over time, the feet may crack or disintegrate which causes the compressor to lose balance. As a result, the unit buzzes when operating. The solution here is to simply replace the isolation feet.

Electrical issues will also cause buzzing sounds. Loose wiring cause creation of electrical arcs which will not only cause the buzzing sound, but could also cause an electrical fire. Additionally, a faulty circuit breaker that is overloaded will buzz, particularly when its unable to trip. Electrical issues need immediate attention, otherwise, they’ll cause more problems than just buzzing sounds.

Loose parts in the system is a common problem that causes air conditioners to buzz. Your AC unit is a complex system of several moving parts. Loose or missing parts will cause other parts of the system to lose sync resulting in the irritating buzzing noise. Missing or broken parts will inevitably also cause other parts to break or wear prematurely resulting in noises. Broken Ac parts are a sign of the unit’s deterioration; this calls for AC unit replacement.

The first thing to do when you notice a buzzing sound should be to turn it off right away. If you let the unit to continue running despite the noise, you risk causing further damage to the unit as well as exposing yourself to safety risks. Contacting air conditioning system professionals is the best way to ensure that the system is taken care of thoroughly and correctly

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