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  • The middle of summer, you’re walking along, enjoying the rays of the sun and a cool breeze. You’re doing some shopping; the supermarket is near your house, so you figure you’ll walk over. As hot as it is, you’re in a t-shirt and shorts, and you feel lovely. You reach the supermarket, the automatic doors open, you feel a whoosh of chilled air. You walk in the door and BAM! It hits you, this supermarket is way too cold. You should have brought a jacket, it’s so cold! Why do the buildings we enter sometimes seem so over-conditioned?

    There’s a few answers to the question, in fact. One factor is building occupancy. Groceries stores, for example, need to be chilled to keep the produce fresh. Computer servers generate a lot of heat, so the air in large server rooms needs to be quite cold to keep the rooms and computers from becoming too hot. Glass skyscrapers need constant cooling too, because radiation from the sun would otherwise overheat the occupants.

    “Sure”, you might say, “I understand all that, but why is the building so cold? Does it have to be so cold?”.That brings me to a question for you, rhetorical reader: what is too cold? I’m pretty skinny, so too cold for me is almost anything under 68 degrees, where someone else might be fine in 55 degree weather! You’re wearing a t-shirt and shorts to the supermarket, but the employees are wearing long-sleeves! You’re too cold in a dress at the bank, but your bankers are all wearing a suit and tie! Too cold depends entirely on who you are, what you’re wearing and what you’re doing.

    These large buildings are also harder to temperature control than your average home! In your house, it’s likely you only have one thermostat, two if you’re lucky. The thermostat gives you readings from a particular room, and in a house that’s enough to gauge for most of the place, though you’ll notice that some rooms can be a bit warmer and cooler than others. Amplify those hot and cold spots by how much bigger an office building is, and then consider how many thermostats there are in your workplace. There’s just not enough, it’s hard to know which areas are too chilled, and so spots can end up too cold.

    Another reason a building might be too cold is that their HVAC unit isn’t running properly; maybe they really should install newer thermostats in more places, and maybe their ventilation system is a bit wonky. There’s a chance their unit is too big, or they’re not using the right techniques to make their system efficient. Their unit might even be in disrepair, and none of this stuff will do at all! Don’t get stuck in the cold, get in contact with your highly qualified AC repair contractors today and we’ll help you keep cool.