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Will Air Conditioning Remove Humidity?

Humidity can make your home feel sweltering and oppressive, even when the air is constantly cooled by your air conditioning unit. The water in the air has a way of making the skin feel sticky and uncomfortable. However, it can cause even more severe problems than just minor discomfort in the heat of the summer. Too much moisture in the air can lead to serious issues with mold and bacteria growth. Many people believe that their air conditioning unit will help to pull this water from the air, but is it true?

If you feel like your home is constantly uncomfortable, you might need to know what you can do to restore balance to the air. Find out more about how your air conditioner can (and cannot) help your humidity issues.

How the Air Conditioner Works

The good news is that air conditioners do pull some of the humidity from your air. This is part of how the system works naturally. It pulls the warm air out of your house and passes it over the coils that cool it down. As the temperature drops a few degrees, the air releases some of its moisture in the form of condensation. The cold air then returns to the home holding less moisture than when it left.

While this is a natural way that your air conditioning unit does remove humidity, you should keep in mind that it isn’t the entire function. Some of the air in your home will still hold onto the moisture, making the room feel sticky and hot. You may need a separate system to help remove the moisture from the air if you live in a particularly humid region.

Considering a Dehumidifier

Some homes will require the assistance of a dehumidifier to pull the rest of the moisture from the air. You may opt to purchase a portable version that you can simply carry around the house and plug into the wall. For a more pervasive problem, a whole-house unit might be required. Both of these units work in a similar manner. They can pull the air through and remove the moisture from it before returning it to the rest of the home.

Because the dehumidifier is pulling the water out of the air, you might find that your house feels significantly more comfortable. Many people opt to set their thermostat a few degrees higher because it might even start to feel chilly. This is a great way to help reduce the workload of your AC unit and lower your monthly utility bills. Having a dehumidifier can even be great for your health by reducing the chance of mold and bacteria growth.

Consider Classic Air Conditioning and Heating if you want one of the highest quality AC companies to help with your dehumidification needs. We can help to make sure your air conditioning unit is running effectively and discuss the possible dehumidification options. Give us a call today to make an appointment for your consultation!

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